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Nita Agarwal is an ex-Table Tennis State player, qualified teacher, self-taught budding painter, a successful blogger, who writes about her observations of life and people; and most importantly, a working housewife.

post-Being One With God, the Supreme TruthBeing One With God, the Supreme Truth

What is the better path to follow in order to get closer to God, Karma Sanyas or Karma Yoga? When Arjun asks Bhagwan Krishna this question, the Lord dispelling any doubt says that both Karma Sanyas and Karma Yoga lead...

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post-Get Rid of the Bondage of KarmaGet Rid of the Bondage of Karma

Karma does not bind one who has scarified all karma in the fire of Yoga, Bhagwan Krishna tells Arjuna. Read NITA AGARWAL’s deep insights into Chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita begins with Lord...

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post-Actionless in ActionActionless in Action

Analysing the essence of chapter 3 of the Bhagavad Gita, NITA AGARWAL, says that when we perform all actions without any fear of the fruits, with a meditative state of mind, in complete surrender to Bhagwan Krishna, we can perform...

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post-Communal Harmony: Responsibility of Intelligent HumansCommunal Harmony: Responsibility of Intelligent Humans

Humans, the most intelligent beings that live and breathe in this universe, should stop misusing their intellect for destruction of society, but instead pledge to do their bit to ensure communal harmony and make this society more equal and inclusive,...

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post-The Quest for Eternal BlissThe Quest for Eternal Bliss

Eternal bliss is the state of a person who is established in Brahman, who is Stithpragya ― and this is the only Truth. This state seems like a very uphill task for many of us ― but strive we must...

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post-Safeguarding Ourselves From the ‘Ladder of Fall’Safeguarding Ourselves From the ‘Ladder of Fall’

Drawing upon the eternal teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, NITA AGARWAL cites delusional worldly attractions, which could lead to our downfall and suggests ways to safeguard ourselves from a fatal fall, in the ninth article in her series on chapter...

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post-Be Forever Blissful With KrishnaBe Forever Blissful With Krishna

Meditation and focus on the Supreme Bhagwan Shri Krishna, helps to slowly but steadily weaken the impressions, tendencies and perceptions of the past, leading to creation of a steady mind that is forever joyous and blissful in the Self, says NITA...

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post-Nishkam Karma Benefits All HumanityNishkam Karma Benefits All Humanity

The benefits of Nishkam Karma are immense for everyone, as we all are living in a world where we have many responsibilities and need to perform our duties, says NITA AGARWAL, in the seventh article in her series on Chapter...

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post-Karma Yoga: The Real Art of LivingKarma Yoga: The Real Art of Living

The real art of living lies in the route of Karma Yoga, which Lord Krishna  advises, is the path for not only Arjun but for all of us to follow, says NITA AGARWAL in the sixth article in her series...

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