Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Nita Agarwal is an ex-Table Tennis State player, qualified teacher, self-taught budding painter, a successful blogger, who writes about her observations of life and people; and most importantly, a working housewife.

post-The Epitome of DharmaThe Epitome of Dharma

Lord Rama will always be the epitome of Dharma and righteous living for any human society across the world, says NITA AGARWAL on the occasion of Ram Navami today From a young age, I have been an ardent devotee of Lord...

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post-Finding Our Final DestinationFinding Our Final Destination

The most important thing in life is to do our karma keeping in mind our responsibility at any given time without bothering about the outcome. Life and death are like stations where we pause and reboot to carry on with the...

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post-Peace and Joy in 2021Peace and Joy in 2021

May the year 2021, bring peace and real joy to our world. After living a life without indulgences in 2020, we have now realised that we can live satisfactorily, even beautifully with the minimum in life, says NITA AGARWAL May...

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post-Counselling the Bullied & the BullyCounselling the Bullied & the Bully

While it is necessary to curb bullying, counselling bullies to turn a new leaf is an important part of practical spirituality, says NITA AGARWAL Bullying is generally considered as physical or emotional harassment of a weaker person by a supposedly...

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post-Life Is An Exciting JourneyLife Is An Exciting Journey

I have lived in different countries and various cities in India, which makes me feel like a traveller not bound to any land ― this gives me a feeling of oneness with the world and a sense of non-attachment with...

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post-The Various Phases of Love are All BeautifulThe Various Phases of Love are All Beautiful

A couple goes through various phases of love. And all of them are beautiful. We have it in us to make this possible, says NITA AGARWAL A young couple meet and fall in love, leading to a whirlwind romance of...

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post-Faith Can Move MountainsFaith Can Move Mountains

Faith gives wings of wisdom to find solutions, because faith creates self-belief and positive thinking. Believe in God with full faith and devotion, so that when your need is sincere and just, He will ensure it is fulfilled, says NITA...

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post-Cultivating Creativity In ChildrenCultivating Creativity In Children

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul ─ Dieter F Uchtdorf I remember my teaching days, when many kids floored me with their creativity and talent. I remember very fondly one of my...

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post-A Land Where Many Merges With OneA Land Where Many Merges With One

A mammoth 84 lakh yonis or forms of life exist; they live, procreate and die to change their forms, according to Hindu scriptures. Energy is never destroyed, it only changes form. The world is full of various kinds of land...

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