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Nita Agarwal is an ex-Table Tennis State player, qualified teacher, self-taught budding painter, a successful blogger, who writes about her observations of life and people; and most importantly, a working housewife.

post-My Heart Skips A Beat!My Heart Skips A Beat!

My heart skipped a beat  When my new born covered his eyes  Using his little hands To escape the harsh bright light maybe   Once again when he looked at me  With lips curled and eyebrows in a frown!  My...

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post-Teaching Children the Real Meaning of SuccessTeaching Children the Real Meaning of Success

Failure is said to be the stepping stone to success, yet everyone is scared of failure. Failure to get good marks, to secure a desirable job, or to get the love of your life could lead to frustration or depression. Why...

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post-Learn Humility From Lord HanumanLearn Humility From Lord Hanuman

I have been an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman since childhood. I recite the Hanuman Chalisa everyday at least once, and sometimes, many times over. However, only recently I learnt about the many attributes of Lord Hanuman. I attend a weekly...

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post-Waiting for the Light WithinWaiting for the Light Within

Night of ignorance, Is dark and deep! I was fast asleep, Happy in my slumber, Chasing my dreams! Dreams were beautiful, Till nightmares happened! Dreams got shattered, Woke up to a jolt within,  Who am I? Why am I here? ...

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post-How to Enjoy ParentingHow to Enjoy Parenting

These days I read a lot about gentle parenting. I wonder if something was wrong with the way our parents brought us up? Did we really grow up into confused and weak individuals, because our parents were more strict and...

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post-Forgiveness: A Simple Secret of Practical SpiritualityForgiveness: A Simple Secret of Practical Spirituality

It is often said that we must hate the sin and not the sinner. So, we must forgive. But the question is: Is it so easy to forgive? The obvious answer is ‘No’. It takes a lot of courage to...

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post-Death is the Harbinger of ChangeDeath is the Harbinger of Change

Let’s celebrate death as much as we celebrate life when someone is born, because life never ceases when we leave our body, says the writer I came across a quote by Stevens Wallace that said, “Death is the mother of...

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post-Ten Steps to Beat a Pandemic of ConflictsTen Steps to Beat a Pandemic of Conflicts

These days we read a lot about conflict. Conflict is a kind of struggle between two individuals because of difference of opinion and ideas. There is a constant clash of opinion because both are obsessed with their own ideas and...

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post-Teaching Children the Joy of GivingTeaching Children the Joy of Giving

When you receive a gift, you feel happy. But you are happy only for a while. Soon you look for more gifts and more sources of happiness. Thus, the happiness that comes from receiving is temporary―because it is the happiness...

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