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Nita Agarwal is an ex-Table Tennis State player, qualified teacher, self-taught budding painter, a successful blogger, who writes about her observations of life and people; and most importantly, a working housewife.

post-Timeless Teachings On DharmaTimeless Teachings On Dharma

Lord Krishna’s teachings to Arjun on Dharma are timeless and very relevant to today’s modern world for people in all walks of life, says NITA AGARWAL in the fifth article in her series on Chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita...

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post-The Futility of Grieving Over DeathThe Futility of Grieving Over Death

Inspired by the wise words of the world’s greatest teacher, Lord Krishna, NITA AGARWAL explains the futility of grieving over death in the fourth article in her series on Chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita Seeing that Arjun is still...

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post-Why Our Atma Is ImperishableWhy Our Atma Is Imperishable

In our ignorance, we believe that the death of an individual means death forever. This is definitely not so … for the simple reason that Atman is eternal and imperishable, NITA AGARWAL explains in the third article in her series...

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post-The Truth about the Eternal SelfThe Truth about the Eternal Self

True equanimity stems from wisdom and understanding the truth about the Eternal Self that exists at all times and is changeless, says NITA AGARWAL, in the second article in her series on chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita Confused and...

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post-Surrender Yourself to GodSurrender Yourself to God

NITA AGARWAL shares her understanding of chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita, in a series of articles. Chapter 2 is the most important chapter of the Gita. This is the first article in the series, which will appear in our...

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post-Raksha Bandhan: Celebrated by Gods and HumansRaksha Bandhan: Celebrated by Gods and Humans

On Raksha Bandhan today, NITA AGARWAL reveals fascinating scriptural aspects of the festival, while explaining the significance of Rakhi, the sacred thread Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the full moon day or Purnima of the Shravan month, which...

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post-The Epitome of DharmaThe Epitome of Dharma

Lord Rama will always be the epitome of Dharma and righteous living for any human society across the world, says NITA AGARWAL on the occasion of Ram Navami today From a young age, I have been an ardent devotee of Lord...

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post-Finding Our Final DestinationFinding Our Final Destination

The most important thing in life is to do our karma keeping in mind our responsibility at any given time without bothering about the outcome. Life and death are like stations where we pause and reboot to carry on with the...

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post-Peace and Joy in 2021Peace and Joy in 2021

May the year 2021, bring peace and real joy to our world. After living a life without indulgences in 2020, we have now realised that we can live satisfactorily, even beautifully with the minimum in life, says NITA AGARWAL May...

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