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Nayaswami Devi is spiritual director of Ananda Sangha Worldwide, together with Nayaswami Jyotish. Ananda Sangha was founded in 1968 by a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yoganandaji, Swami Kriyananda.

post-Trying To Find GodTrying To Find God

We spend a lifetime trying to find God. But it is God Himself who calls on us, when He sees that we desire nothing but Him.

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post-Uplifting Realisations in a Dance ClassUplifting Realisations in a Dance Class

NAYASWAMI DEVI says that once you have tuned into your Guru’s consciousness, you are bound to do things in a flow and live life to the fullest in body, mind and spirit It was a sweltering summer night, and the...

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post-Lessons from ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’Lessons from ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’

The waves of inspiration, hope, and meaning that PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA’S Autobiography of a Yogi has radiated out to the world since its publication 75 years ago have uplifted society with its message of unity of all races, religions, and beliefs;...

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post-Positivism in the Face of DisasterPositivism in the Face of Disaster

When natural or man-made disasters strike us, it’s easy to feel that God is indifferent to our pain or even punishing us. Allowing our negative reactions to be aroused doesn’t help the situation, but what does help is positivism, prayer...

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post-Learning To Solve Our ProblemsLearning To Solve Our Problems

By meditating on the eight aspects of God ― peace, love, joy, calmness, light, sound, power and wisdom ― we can activate these divine qualities to work as antidotes to all our problems, says NAYASWAMI DEVI There is a tradition...

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post-How Can You Forgive Someone Who Hurts You?How Can You Forgive Someone Who Hurts You?

I am fortunate to have had a wise and loving mother, who taught me a lot about how to live. There were times as a child, however, when I found the wisdom she shared hard to swallow. If, for example,...

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