Sunday, October 24, 2021


Oswald Pereira, a veteran journalist with more than 30 years’ experience is the author of the popular novels, The Newsroom Mafia, Chaddi Buddies, Revenge of the Naked Princess, The Krishna-Christ Connexion, Army Girl Steals Civilian’s Heart and Golmaal in Goa, as well as two non-fiction books, Crime Patrol:The Most Thrilling Stories and How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life. Oswald is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, and practises Kriya Yoga.

post-Ramayana In Schools: Gospel of Unity and SecularismRamayana In Schools: Gospel of Unity and Secularism

Apart from being Lord, Ram was a righteous, honourable, supreme and perfect human, who was the harbinger of a secular state. If this is the message that students can imbibe from the Ramayana, the great epic might become the gospel...

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post-Loving Ram Without Hating RavanaLoving Ram Without Hating Ravana

Our true victory lies in loving Ram without hating Ravana, for if we despise him we carry with us all the baggage of his negative traits, says OSWALD PEREIRA on the occasion of Dussehra today To most of us, Dussehra,...

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post-Aryan Khan: Innocent Until Proven GuiltyAryan Khan: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The golden principle of jurisprudence ― innocent until proven guilty ― should be applied to Aryan Khan; this principle applies to both the rich and the poor, says OSWALD PEREIRA Angulimala had killed 999 people and retained their little fingers...

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post-Communal Harmony: Majority and Minorities, Equally ResponsibleCommunal Harmony: Majority and Minorities, Equally Responsible

The majority and minority communities, by example, should lead each other in promoting peace and communal harmony, says OSWALD PEREIRA Who is responsible for maintaining religious and communal harmony ― the majority community or the minority community? Who should take...

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post-All Religions and Gods are EqualAll Religions and Gods are Equal

On Janmasthami today, let us make a pledge to develop the qualities of Krishna like love for all, childlike innocence, and playfulness; for, by loving all, like innocent children, we will be able to regard all religions and their Gods...

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post-It Makes Good Sense to Love Your NeighbourIt Makes Good Sense to Love Your Neighbour

OSWALD PEREIRA analyses the practical aspects of loving your neighbour Why should I love my neighbour like I love myself?  The answer is simple: Because it’s the most sensible thing to do. Loving your neighbour is the first and best...

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post-Living In Religious & Communal HarmonyLiving In Religious & Communal Harmony

Whether we are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or none of these ― we are all one; those who try to divide us should be shown the door, says OSWALD PEREIRA I have a proud legacy. It’s not a legacy of...

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post-The Unforgettable Legend of Dilip Kumar ‘Khan’The Unforgettable Legend of Dilip Kumar ‘Khan’

No one can ever take the place of the unforgettable legend, the emperor, Dilip Kumar ‘Khan’, says OSWALD PEREIRA, in a tribute to the actor, who died yesterday It was the summer of 1982. In the washroom of The Times...

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post-Father Stan Swamy: An Inspiration, ForeverFather Stan Swamy: An Inspiration, Forever

Father Stan Swamy could have been treated more humanely in prison and granted bail, not only because he was old and ailing, but also because that is what democracy is all about ― being humane, compassionate and vibrantly on the...

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