Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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post-The Joy of Living Among FlowersThe Joy of Living Among Flowers

“I learnt the finer points about gardening from my father-in-law,” says ANITA SHALEEN who follows a seasonal routine of pruning and manuring for the plants and trees growing in their farmhouse in salubrious Dehradun It was only after getting married...

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post-A Garden by the GangesA Garden by the Ganges

MANJRI SHARMA has been an avid gardener since her teen years. She has been growing greens, exotic flowers and trees in her home’s lush garden in Rishikesh Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture...

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post-Have Your Own Blooming Terrace GardenHave Your Own Blooming Terrace Garden

Gardening enthusiast REENA SINGH shares her excitement at harvesting her first 1.5 foot long lauki off her terrace After three years of experimenting with tomatoes, spinach, mint and basil, we finally tasted a different kind of big success on our...

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post-A Taste Of Home In Faraway CanadaA Taste Of Home In Faraway Canada

In India, not all of us are real gardeners. We generally have a mali, a gardener, who does most of the digging, weeding, planting, sowing and watering. All we do is the planning and few of us get our hands dirty. But...

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post-Love and Herbs on My Terrace GardenLove and Herbs on My Terrace Garden

The author moved from Mumbai to verdant Goa a few years ago, and began growing a few herbs and plants in her sun-drenched balcony. Soon, gardening became her favourite new health-giving hobby giving her endless joy My Mom had green...

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post-A Garden for a RoofA Garden for a Roof

The writer takes a walk through the lush green rooftop garden of Lionel Pereira in Thane, Maharashtra Winner of two prestigious prizes in January 2020 for his exotic rooftop garden in Thane, Maharashtra, Lionel Pereira is literally on Cloud 9....

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