DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI analyses the benefits of spiritual versus material living

There are two ways to live life. One is living a spiritual life and the second is a materialistic life. One can live a life with spiritual values and be humane, understand that life is a gift to cherish, and spread positive vibrations around us.

Spiritual living gives one the feeling or belief that there is something greater than oneself; that there is something more than being just human. Then love, compassion, altruism and truth become priorities. What the world needs today are spiritual values and people living with joy, peace and a brotherly feeling ― like one big, happy family.

In the second way of life, one can enjoy material pleasures. This would mean living with values that accord high priority to making money and loading oneself with possessions and endeavouring to build an image of name and fame, maybe even resorting to dishonesty to achieve goals.

Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi

A materialistic life could lead to a host of negative traits, including egoism, manipulation, intolerance and selfishness to beat the competition and stay on top. This way of living can prove to be counterproductive and results only in unhappiness in the long run.

My fervent plea is to let the shadow of worldly ways stop casting darkness. Worldly ways only obstruct the light of soul power. To create a better world, let’s try to become ‘those’ and not ‘they.’

Oh God! Let My Shadow Cease

They kept speeding and concentrating on the din outside

Never staying still to listen to what comes from inside 

Became restless and stressed during the ride 

Those who were awakened by their inner voice

Enjoyed the pause, silence and peace, ignoring the noise 

They kept dreaming of possessing all they saw

Couldn’t resist sense desires, drooling with awe 

Nurture your soul in the midst of nature (Painting by Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi)

They were never satisfied, their needs multiplied

Those who remained content with what they had 

Never felt unfortunate, jealous, unhappy or sad 

They kept hoarding selfishly all they possessed 

Even connived to grab others’ shares shamelessly

No amount of what they had was ever enough 

Those who generously gave away all they could 

Spread happiness and joy and felt so good.

They lived their life imprisoned in ego and greed 

Went to any extent to make others’ hearts bleed 

Ultimately, it was they who fell face down, indeed 

Those who honoured integrity, humility, and honesty 

Lived a life without fear, preserving their dignity 

They loved with expectations to be fulfilled 

When not as expected their joy was killed 

Let the light come (Painting by Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi)

Love lost its charm giving way to conflicts 

Those who loved unconditionally without expectations 

Understood and accepted happily without frustration 

They could never reach the shore despite all they had 

Possessions made them heavy, they drowned instead 

They never let go ego, attachment, lust, greed and rage 

Those who lived a life of love, content and sacrifice 

Flowed effortlessly and reached the shore of paradise 

Oh God! bless me to be Those and not They

Give me the wisdom to follow your voice and pray

Hold my hand tight, don’t let me go astray

For then only can I become love, bliss, and peace 

Become one with you so that my worldly shadows cease 

Featured Image by Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi

Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi, a paediatrician with over 50 years’ experience, is an educationist and researcher, with over 100 research publications, mainly on social paediatrics in renowned medical journals. Ex-Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, MGIMS Sevagram, Wardha, she is a thinker, writer, poet, artist and a spiritual blogger with over 500 blogs to her credit. Dr Chaturvedi is also a keen traveller, music and nature lover.

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