Saturday, December 2, 2023


Seema Muniz, a feature writer with the Times of India group in the nineties, is an avid reader and educationist, who homeschooled her son until tenth grade, while drifting between New York and Alaska with her family. She is also an artist, with a few solo and group shows in Albany, NY, to her credit.

post-Making Treasures Out of TrashMaking Treasures Out of Trash

SEEMA MUNIZ profiles SATYAJIT who turned his commitment for cleaning beaches into a mission of upcycling multilayer plastic From being a tax officer with the Commonwealth of Australia to an ocean/beach comber to a pioneer artisan in upcycling of multilayer plastic:...

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post-New Friends Alexa and Siri Take Over ParentingNew Friends Alexa and Siri Take Over Parenting

SEEMA MUNIZ wonders if we should allow ourselves to be ruled by Artificial Intelligence Our family time often consists of the three of us sitting in the living room in the thrall of cyber silence, bent over our smartphones. One...

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post-<strong>Akhtar Bhai Phoolwale</strong>Akhtar Bhai Phoolwale

While the communal warp and weft of several nations lies frayed and tattered, SEEMA MUNIZ outlines the daily pleasant exchanges she shares with a Muslim from her cosmopolitan neighbourhood It wasn’t an exchange really, but a one-way ferry, at least at...

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post-Learning To Sit StillLearning To Sit Still

SEEMA MUNIZ writes how a virus in her phone snatched away her gmail account. At first, she felt devastated, as if she had lost a part of her soul Teach us to care and not to care. Teach us to...

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post-The Present Slithers PastThe Present Slithers Past

Rodents, toads and a rat snake send SEEMA MUNIZ and her family into a tizzy even as elsewhere in the country, the usual heat, political and communal cacophony raises its discordant head It passed noiselessly from our front yard. “Good,”...

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post-From the Sublime to the RidiculousFrom the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Composed and consciously shutting out the latent snobbery of her non-believer heart, SEEMA MUNIZ steps into the revered ancient interiors of the Meenakshi temple Two rock doves flutter above me to land on the monolithic buttress supporting the entrance. A...

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post-Grandma’s Old TrunkGrandma’s Old Trunk

SEEMA MUNIZ finds a trunkful of memories left behind by her grandmother making her recall the good old days An object gets reduced to junk when it outlives its usefulness. A few days ago, on Earth Day, I rescued our...

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post-Zelenskyy: New Hero on the World StageZelenskyy: New Hero on the World Stage

SEEMA MUNIZ researches Zelenskyy’s meteoric rise to power from an actor and comedian to superstardom in the political arena Spanning three seasons, the 51-episode Servant of the People, a political satire, not only kicked Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s career as a comedian and...

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post-Of Wars, Movies and DreamsOf Wars, Movies and Dreams

A jumbled dream mingles with the disturbing reality of war and communal tensions that hang heavy in the air prompting writer, poet and artist, SEEMA MUNIZ to pen down her confused emotions My head hurt. The air, heavy with incongruity,...

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