Sunday, May 28, 2023


Reena Singh has more than 37 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent nine years.

post-We Need Many More Activist-Entertainers like Harry BelafonteWe Need Many More Activist-Entertainers like Harry Belafonte

Legendary singer HARRY BELAFONTE passed away two days ago. He was among the pioneers among entertainers who are also equally well-known for their civil rights work and for their social activism, says REENA SINGH in this tribute Back in the...

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post-Fitness Formula: Three Teaspoons of Ghee EverydayFitness Formula: Three Teaspoons of Ghee Everyday

REENA SINGH on why a teaspoon of ghee should be incorporated into each of our three daily meals Ghee was completely taboo in our household. My father was hit by a major heart attack when he was barely 38 back...

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post-<strong>Does a Place in the Forbes Rich List Really Matter?</strong>Does a Place in the Forbes Rich List Really Matter?

Wealth is notional. For most of us who sleep comfortably at night, it is enough to have a roof over our heads, a comfortable bed to sleep on, and money for food and clothing, philosophises REENA SINGH My son often...

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post-Is the Joshimath Disaster a Warning from the Gods?Is the Joshimath Disaster a Warning from the Gods?

Joshimath’s cracks in 850 homes and establishments has given rise to the question: are the Gods angry with man’s disregard of our valuable natural resources, asks REENA SINGH If you have hit the fifties or sixties decade in your life,...

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post-<strong>Triphala for Your Gut and Your Eyes</strong>Triphala for Your Gut and Your Eyes

REENA SINGH extols the virtues of Triphala churna, an age-old Ayurveda remedy that combines the powder of three dried fruits in equal quantity Back in the early ‘70s, my father had a ritual of having a teaspoon of triphala powder...

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post-Detox the Mind: A Timely Book on Meditation by Sant Rajinder SinghDetox the Mind: A Timely Book on Meditation by Sant Rajinder Singh

REENA SINGH outlines the meditative wisdom in Detox the Mind, a new book on meditation written by Sant Rajinder Singh Maharaj A fortnight ago, I was invited by a close associate of Sant Rajinder Singh, affectionately called Maharaj by his...

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post-Cry, My Beloved CountryCry, My Beloved Country

REENA SINGH laments that the pleasant memories of an India where people of all faiths lived happily together is fading away; instead, the ambience is one of discord There is ‘never a dull moment’ in our country today. I would...

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post-Heal Yourself the Ayurveda WayHeal Yourself the Ayurveda Way

Want to bring about a change in your lifestyle and habits? Try some tried and tested Ayurveda remedies, writes REENA SINGH A family member was attending an Ayurveda workshop online for five hours, an hour a day over five days....

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post-Watch Out for a Rotting GutWatch Out for a Rotting Gut

Ayurveda believes that if you clean up your gut, you will soon be on your way to a new you, writes REENA SINGH When I got acquainted with Ayurveda principles some 12 years ago, I began to understand the connection...

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