Saturday, December 3, 2022


Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi, a paediatrician with over 50 years experience, is an educationist and researcher, with over 100 research publications, mainly on social paediatrics in renowned medical journals. Ex Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, MGIMS Sevagram Wardha, she is a thinker, writer, poet, artist and a spiritual blogger with over 500 blogs to her credit. Dr Chaturvedi is also a keen traveller, music and nature lover.

post-How To Love Getting Older How To Love Getting Older 

We must believe in positive ageing and accepting the challenge head on, feel good about ourselves, keep fit, active and healthy, and engage fully in life as we grow older. It’s then that we will love getting older. Getting older doesn’t mean...

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post-A Doctor-Friendly ApproachA Doctor-Friendly Approach

DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI makes a fervent plea for a doctor-friendly approach Seeing the visuals on media of angry and helpless resident doctors on strike in our national capital New Delhi for a highly justified demand was highly disturbing and distressing. Our resident doctors have been...

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post-We Are All ConnectedWe Are All Connected

The belief that as all life is connected, people must not harm each other, is the essence of all religions and spirituality. This being the belief that many of us hold, we should connect collectively to raise positive vibrations in the universe...

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post-On Happiness Street I GoOn Happiness Street I Go

DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI shares with us her little secrets of happiness Oh Yes!  On to the happiness street I go, to refresh my mind and nurture my soul. To experience such happiness, sometimes, you have to push yourself out of your...

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post-Communal Harmony: Doctors Show the WayCommunal Harmony: Doctors Show the Way

When the medical fraternity can rise above community differences, why can’t others, asks DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI Communal harmony is the crying need of the hour, as it keeps humanity alive. Absence of communal harmony results in negativity that leads to discord, hate,...

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post-A Happy Heart is a Healthy HeartA Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

On World Heart Day today, DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI gives readers simple tips on how to nurture a happy, healthy, loving, caring, and sharing heart World Heart Day is celebrated globally every year on September 29, to raise awareness and educate...

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post-Let’s Walk Together & Look After Each OtherLet’s Walk Together & Look After Each Other

DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI shares with readers her deep insights into what life is about and what it is not Life Is About Life is about sunsets and sunrises that each one of us has had Some full of laughter and...

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post-The Kind, Loving and Understanding TeacherThe Kind, Loving and Understanding Teacher

On Teachers’ Day today, DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI  sends out a strong message for teachers to be kind, loving and understanding to help students develop not only academically, but also emotionally and intellectually Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5th...

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post-The Joys of Being a GrandmotherThe Joys of Being a Grandmother

A heartfelt, personal account on the joys of being a grandmother by DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI As a child I used to wonder why my Dadima (grandmother), while she very patiently showered her unquestioning love and kindness on us kids, would...

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