Sunday, February 5, 2023


Reena Singh has more than 37 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent nine years.

post-Your Morning Cup of TeaYour Morning Cup of Tea

For those who can’t kickstart their day without their morning cup, tea is the elixir of life. Had in the recommended quantity, its benefits run into reams of pages. REENA SINGH lists some of them here The 1st cup caresses...

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post-Worship of Divine Mother Begins at HomeWorship of Divine Mother Begins at Home

REENA SINGH explains the spiritual significance of the Navratris In the pre-pandemic days, Navratris marked a happy period of worship, prayer, fasting and feasting as people went all out to celebrate the nine nights preceding Dusshera. On a similar occasion...

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post-Have Your Own Blooming Terrace GardenHave Your Own Blooming Terrace Garden

Gardening enthusiast REENA SINGH shares her excitement at harvesting her first 1.5 foot long lauki off her terrace After three years of experimenting with tomatoes, spinach, mint and basil, we finally tasted a different kind of big success on our...

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post-The Army Thrives on Communal HarmonyThe Army Thrives on Communal Harmony

REENA SINGH recalls the many happy years she spent in army cantonments around the country, experiencing a cultural diversity that opened her heart and mind as a child, qualities that firmly lingered on over the decades The army may be...

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post-Online Education Evades Economically WeakOnline Education Evades Economically Weak

REENA SINGH wonders what is happening to education in thousands of small schools catering to the children of the economically weaker sections of society who cannot afford quality education for their children Since almost 18 months, my house help’s children...

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post-Grow Veggies in the RainsGrow Veggies in the Rains

The season is just right to begin planting some useful herbs and vegetables for your home kitchen, says REENA SINGH As monsoon begins to hit India, most places especially in the north of India have already experienced a couple of showers...

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post-You Are Influenced By What You See And HearYou Are Influenced By What You See And Hear

In a chat with KAITY CAMA, a well-known energy healer, REENA SINGH learnt about how to appreciate music and how different forms of music can help the mind heal  Can music be a tool to find peace? I asked this...

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post-Healthy Coexistence of Medicine SystemsHealthy Coexistence of Medicine Systems

If religions can coexist happily, so can different medicine systems walk hand-in-hand to put you on the path of health and happiness, says REENA SINGH I have been a user of both Ayurveda and Allopathy. No, I am not using...

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post-Tagra RahoTagra Raho

What is needed more than ever before at this time in history is a positive outlook, coupled with good health, immunity and some strategic, wise thinking like ‘Tagra Raho’, says REENA SINGH Age-old wisdom tells us that a positive outlook helps...

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