Monday, February 6, 2023


Reena Singh has more than 37 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent nine years.

post-Master Your Mind To Conquer FearMaster Your Mind To Conquer Fear

Through a real life incident, Amrit Raj, a young yoga guru, based in Rishikesh, tells us how you can apply yoga teachings to real, practical life and master your mind to conquer fear. With a bit of practice, yoga comes...

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post-Secret soil recipe for your home-grown plantsSecret soil recipe for your home-grown plants

During this lockdown period, I found a few of the WhatsApp groups that I engaged with regularly take up gardening, especially terrace gardening. Coincidentally, just a few days before the lockdown was announced in the third week of March, I...

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post-The Laughing Dalai LamaThe Laughing Dalai Lama

There is a myth surrounding the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhists, who has been living in exile in India for more than 60 years. They say that his aura extends to more than three km. I...

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post-Seven Steps to a New YouSeven Steps to a New You

First―Rise Early: Enough has been said about the virtues of waking up early. It is time you put it into action. The trick is to have a reasonably early dinner the night before and to hit the bed by 11...

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post-HEARTWARMER: Son To A Thousand ParentsHEARTWARMER: Son To A Thousand Parents

It’s ironic that India that is known for legendary figures like Shravan Kumar in the epic, Ramayana, also has people who abandon their parents on the streets or who themselves come and drop off their old parents at shelters just so...

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post-Grow Your own Veggies to Stay HealthyGrow Your own Veggies to Stay Healthy

It’s been two years since I have been trying to grow all manners of greens on my terrace and in the limited green patches in my garden and the land just outside my house. While, I have been pretty successful...

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post-Give With All Your HeartGive With All Your Heart

People — ordinary, everyday people all over the world — willingly open their hearts and their wallets to fill up the donation boxes at thousands of shrines, mosques, temples and churches, day after day. A few of the world’s richest...

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