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Reena Singh has more than 37 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent nine years.

post-Go Oil-free for a Healthy HeartGo Oil-free for a Healthy Heart

                        Dr Bimal Chhajer is to India what Dr Dean Ornish is to the US. He advocates reversing heart disease through diet and exercise. This doctor from Kolkata originally came to Delhi in 1986 after completing his medical studies and...

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post-A Perfect Start to Your DayA Perfect Start to Your Day

What does one do on waking up in the morning? Here are a few tips for a spiritual start to your day. Read Something Uplifting That’s what Sister Shivani of the Brahmakumaris advises. It makes sense too. Why read the...

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post-A Plan For Your LifeA Plan For Your Life

You don’t need a fancy gym membership or even equipment to begin yoga. All you need is a firm commitment to begin your day in a healthy way. You can do yoga anywhere―on a yoga mat, a durrie, a thin...

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post-A Walk is a Perfect WorkoutA Walk is a Perfect Workout

You may find this hard to believe but for a walk to do you any good, you must walk in a particular way. There are three kinds of walkers in the fitness world: performance walkers who consider walking as an...

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post-A Garden for a RoofA Garden for a Roof

The writer takes a walk through the lush green rooftop garden of Lionel Pereira in Thane, Maharashtra Winner of two prestigious prizes in January 2020 for his exotic rooftop garden in Thane, Maharashtra, Lionel Pereira is literally on Cloud 9....

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post-Go OrganicGo Organic

Of late, we are all becoming obsessed with organic foods. While it is relatively easy to procure dry organic rations, getting organic fresh foods and vegetables remains a challenge. One way of overcoming this is to grow your own vegetables....

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post-The Baba Who Sees God In NatureThe Baba Who Sees God In Nature

The Baba who spent 10 years in cleaning a river, now cleans railway stations, lays roads and doesn’t hesitate to flatten mounds to create smoother passages for his fellow villagers. Imagine bringing back a river to life, once again. That’s...

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post-Fast Your Way to HealthFast Your Way to Health

Fasting is a miracle cure and many chronic conditions are improved if you take up fasting. Allergies,  arthritis, various digestive and skin disorders, even heart disease and asthma are some of the conditions that will improve by fasting. This happens...

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post-Master Your Mind To Conquer FearMaster Your Mind To Conquer Fear

Through a real life incident, Amrit Raj, a young yoga guru, based in Rishikesh, tells us how you can apply yoga teachings to real, practical life and master your mind to conquer fear. With a bit of practice, yoga comes...

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