Monday, February 6, 2023


Reena Singh has more than 37 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent nine years.

post-Is the Coronavirus Our Country’s Karma or Our Own?Is the Coronavirus Our Country’s Karma or Our Own?

Are we linked to what others do, or what the greater group that we are a part of, does? For example, does the nation have a collective destiny or karma on account of actions taken by the government or group...

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post-Gratitude Builds Inner BeautyGratitude Builds Inner Beauty

It’s been three years since the Rishikesh-based yoga and motivational guru, Yogi Amrit Raj has been grooming beauty pageant contestants who go on to participate in international contests such as Miss World and Miss Universe by teaching them a mix...

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post-Feel Lighter & Fitter With VeganismFeel Lighter & Fitter With Veganism

Vegetarians are fairly common, but the vegan person is rarer as this means also giving up dairy products, something that is harder to do than giving up meats. For instance, the dairy industry constantly sponsors studies that promote milk, saying...

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post-Lessons From a Curry Patta TreeLessons From a Curry Patta Tree

For many years, my tiny curry patta tree grew in a pot, hidden from public view in a lonely corner of my garden in my home in Noida. It was about 3 feet in height and would grow just about...

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post-Kriyas to De-stress the MindKriyas to De-stress the Mind

With mental health issues now on the rise, several therapists are using spiritual techniques such as pranayama, breathing and meditation as tools to cure mental health disorders. At a mental health conference that I attended in the capital, there was...

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post-Have Fun With Your Kitchen GardenHave Fun With Your Kitchen Garden

Gardening enthusiasts are literally sprouting everywhere, quite like their plants which they are growing on balconies, terraces, outside their homes, in gardens and even indoors. Gardening groups are all over the internet, including on WhatsApp. Being a member of two...

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post-Gainfully Employing the Differently-AbledGainfully Employing the Differently-Abled

Students at Ruma Roka’s school Noida Deaf Society wear a t-shirt proudly proclaiming Deaf But Not Dumb. And this Ruma has proved to the world, for thousands of her students from all over India are well-placed in jobs in different...

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post-Heal Your Mind-Body, the Ayurveda WayHeal Your Mind-Body, the Ayurveda Way

An Ayurvedacharya’s guide to pulling yourself out of stress before it leads to depression and other psychosomatic ailments Many of us have succumbed to stress and depression in some form or other in this modern world. This has led to...

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post-The Joy of Mantra ChantingThe Joy of Mantra Chanting

The wise say that chanting a mantra is good for you. You take time to think of something positive spoken in Sanskrit which has vibrations of its own, or you can chant the name of the Lord. Mantras are usually...

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