Monday, January 25, 2021


Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster.

post-Anger Management: Way to Health and HappinessAnger Management: Way to Health and Happiness

Getting rid of anger may seem very difficult to you, but if you really and truly want to be anger-free and fear-free, then one small step at a time will help, says DR KAITY CAMA In today’s fast-moving world, anger...

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post-Truth is Our Greatest StrengthTruth is Our Greatest Strength

Speaking the truth is the foundation upon which our character can be flawlessly built, says DR KAITY CAMA We all have some weaknesses, some faults, some failings. By cultivating our strengths, these weaknesses are automatically eradicated from our persona, unpeeling the...

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post-Break Free From DepressionBreak Free From Depression

Over the last 10 to 15 years, depressive states have imprisoned a lot of people, including children, teenagers, women and men, married or single. They find it extremely difficult to find their way out through the gathering thick clouds of...

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post-We Are All God’s MiraclesWe Are All God’s Miracles

It is truly beautiful to sit quietly in silence amidst natural surroundings, in silent contemplation, allowing our minds to unfold and grasp the majesty of movement from the unmanifested into the manifested Yes, we are indeed the most miraculous creation...

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post-Nothing is ImpossibleNothing is Impossible

Faith in our Self, in our innate talents and abilities which go beyond the human intellect and logic, is that force in us which makes us totally invincible, undeterred by obstacles Faith is a word that has different connotations for...

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post-Self-Esteem Builds Immunity and Good HealthSelf-Esteem Builds Immunity and Good Health

While a healthy lifestyle leads to good health, self-esteem is equally important in keeping ourselves free from physical and mental illnesses When we have true self-esteem, the kind that is strong and unshakeable, there is a shift in our consciousness. When...

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post-Attract Joy or Sorrow: The Choice is OursAttract Joy or Sorrow: The Choice is Ours

The Law of Attraction works in every area of our life. Whether we want a better job, a loving relationship with others, or good health, it is the Law of Attraction that brings to us whatever we think of, particularly...

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post-Food and Thoughts on Weight LossFood and Thoughts on Weight Loss

The right type of food, the right time for eating and an honest appraisal of your thoughts will go a long way to losing excess fat, and then maintaining your ideal weight. Even a perfunctory understanding of your body type...

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post-Love In MotionLove In Motion

Three little words which activate the music of the Universal spheres in the human heart, mind and soul are, “I love you.”  Sometimes they are felt as emotions, sometimes as inspirations to soar higher spiritually, and sometimes they are spoken...

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