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Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster.

post-A Miraculous, Glorious WorldA Miraculous, Glorious World

For every conflict, every hurt, there are at least 100 acts of kindness in the world. When we seek the beautiful in people, it soon manifests itself ― and this world becomes a miraculous, glorious experience for us.

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post-Karma Can be Your FriendKarma Can be Your Friend

Working with karma as a friend transforms karma into a strength that grants us greater spiritual insights as well as success in our earthly life, says DR KAITY CAMA Understanding karma and using it in a positive manner is a...

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post-Love in MotionLove in Motion

Love in motion means compassion, service to others, and putting our own desires and needs on hold for a while and concentrating instead on acts of genuine kindness, says DR KAITY CAMA  Three little words which activate the music of...

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post-Our Cells Need Joyful ThoughtsOur Cells Need Joyful Thoughts

Let us not be defeated by the thought of the havoc yet another mutation of the Corona virus can wreak upon us. Apart from exercising extreme caution, let us keep ourselves full of joyful thoughts to allow our cells to...

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post-Spirituality is Not Like Instant CoffeeSpirituality is Not Like Instant Coffee

Reiki healer and clinical hypnotherapist, DR KAITY CAMA tells us how we must think of a spiritual ideal, then contemplate upon it so that it becomes part of our subconscious mind To most people, spirituality seems far removed from their...

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post-Some Cancers Stem From a Sense of LossSome Cancers Stem From a Sense of Loss

DR KAITY CAMA believes that practically all ailments, including cancer are stress-related and can be reversed by a simple, single intention on the part of the patient Specific medical conditions need specifically worded affirmations, such as the following: “With every breath...

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post-Recognise The Traits of Real SuccessRecognise The Traits of Real Success

DR KAITY CAMA explains where true self-esteem comes from Self-esteem.  Self-worth.  Self-respect.  These are words we hear and read about so often, but where does real true self-esteem come from? In the world, most people equate their self-esteem with “feeling good” about themselves...

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post-Meditation Benefits both Body and MindMeditation Benefits both Body and Mind

DR KAITY CAMA outlines the many benefits of meditation. She says meditators feel more relaxed, perform their jobs with greater calm and ease, and attract calm people and calm situations around them Meditation is one of the most powerful strengths, and...

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post-Anger Management: Way to Health and HappinessAnger Management: Way to Health and Happiness

Getting rid of anger may seem very difficult to you, but if you really and truly want to be anger-free and fear-free, then one small step at a time will help, says DR KAITY CAMA In today’s fast-moving world, anger...

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