Working with karma as a friend transforms karma into a strength that grants us greater spiritual insights as well as success in our earthly life, says DR KAITY CAMA

Understanding karma and using it in a positive manner is a powerful tool not only in our spiritual journey but in our mundane lives as well.

Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning action or deed. Karma can be used effectively as a friend for our personal transformation and for understanding the spiritual journey of the soul if we so desire. To do this, we have to understand the karmic cycle and work with it, rather than against it.

Whilst the emphasis is most often laid on action or deed, it is always wise to remember that there is a powerful vibration caused by thought, not by the action alone. Let us take a closer look at what karma really is, with particular reference to individual karma; and then family and country karma will automatically be easier to understand.

Dr Kaitya Cama

If we look at any of our actions, we will find that we often repeat certain actions at various times, and refrain from certain other actions altogether. For example, if we have felt offended or hurt by someone else’s words or actions, and if we have responded in similar ways to them, we have begun a karmic cycle which is non-positive.

We have alienated ourselves from that individual. If, on the other hand, we allow our personality and intellect to respond with kindness from our hearts, we have begun a karmic cycle which is very spiritually as well as this-worldly pleasant.

Any action performed by us leaves a memory within us. Sometimes, that is a conscious memory, sometimes it goes into our subconscious mind. When memories are thus stored involuntarily in our subconscious mind, we act almost reflexively in similar circumstances.

Even when we do not actually perform a non-positive action, but just think non-pleasant thoughts, the vibrations of the thoughts constitute karma. We are infinite choice-makers, and we have the free will to choose any thought. By choosing the right thought we save ourselves having to go through unhappy circumstances in life.

And when one lifetime goes by without our having learnt that we are meeting our own previous choices in situations of life, then there is a ‘carry-over’ into another lifetime where we are forced and compelled by circumstances to learn a much-needed lesson. It is so much easier to learn voluntarily rather than be forced to learn.

And learn we must; the soul desires the personality to learn it easily.  And the real you and the real me are the soul, not the personality.

Thought and action both are causes. Every cause has an effect, and if we begin to make connections between our thoughts and the ensuing circumstances of our life, we will truly find it a blessing, because that knowledge will help us refrain from choosing those thoughts and actions which bring us turmoil, ill health and conflicts.

All karmic debts have to be paid, and there is no escaping that fact. Some of us pay these debts and do not realize how we can use karma for our benefit. When things go wrong with us, we just say, “What can we do, this is karma”, instead of saying, “Okay, I choose now to learn what NOT to do.” Both thoughts are choices, the former being an unconsciously generated one, and the latter being a consciously chosen one. 

Meditation and prayer help tremendously in transcending karma. The identical karmic results may show up from past choices, but we remain in a mode of detachment, simply observing them, because through meditation and prayer our awareness and consciousness expands and we also have the realization of the right choice of thoughts, words and actions. 

For a karmayogi, transcending karma is imperative. The karmayogi consciously uses memories instead of being a victim of memories and repeating mistakes.

Working with karma as a friend transforms karma into a strength that grants us greater spiritual insights as well as success in our earthly life.

Dr Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster

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