Love in motion means compassion, service to others, and putting our own desires and needs on hold for a while and concentrating instead on acts of genuine kindness, says DR KAITY CAMA 

Three little words which activate the music of the Universal spheres in the human heart, mind and soul are, “I love you.” 

Sometimes they are felt as emotions, sometimes as inspirations to soar higher spiritually, and sometimes they are spoken without any attachment or feeling whatsoever, carelessly uttered almost as a duty.

What is love really?  When asked this question, different individuals respond differently. To some it is the feeling of closeness to their beloved one — a husband, a wife, a partner; to some others, it is an emotion of perhaps overwhelming gratitude when something nice is done for them by another. 

Dr Kaity Cama

Earthly or this-world love may truly be an emotion, yes, but the real meaning of love is something much more profound, much deeper than this-world reality could suggest. It is the experience of the oneness of the entire Universe and Creation.

Even though the everyday person may not have reached the level of experiencing that oneness, let us look at the mundane situations where the “I love you” is being said with emotion. Let us take as an example, a husband-and-wife situation. Each says these words regularly to the other, which is beautiful. Now comes the test of love. A mother-in-law comes for an extended visit to their home. 

Perhaps the husband does not really enjoy the anticipated visit, because subconsciously he knows it is going to upset his routine in the sense that of course his wife would spend time with her mother. 

So, during his mother-in-law’s visit, the husband becomes a bit grumpy, a bit irritated, a bit aloof from his wife. This type of situation crops up ever so often in the lives of couples. During such times, where has the love gone? If we think about love between couples, we need to think of a two-way street — of support ― emotional support, of sharing each other’s troubles as well as joys. 

If having her mother with her for say three months makes his wife happy, then he should also be feeling happy because if he truly loves his wife as he says he does, then her happiness should be paramount to him. 

The same goes for the wife when her husband’s mother or father or relatives come to visit. These are real-life situations, which often cause so much conflict between couples that finally the “I love you” ends up in a divorce court.

Love in motion is, on this planet, to be helpful, supportive, sharing, and understanding with one’s dear ones. The simplest way to do this is to take a bit of time to think: “If our roles were reversed, how would I want my spouse to be with me? In what way would it make me feel happier?” If we are willing to think honestly and truly about this, our attitude would change dramatically, actually putting love in motion.

Sometimes, one unfortunate incident takes root in a spouse’s mind, even though it may have occurred several years ago, and the negative splinter is almost deliberately not removed. Why not? Because of ego’s prompting: “Remember what happened?” 

Unfortunately, we do not remember the good things, the happier things that took place, but we hold this negative splinter within us, thinking of the other individual as an enemy when he/she could be a very good and trustworthy friend. Most of us do this sort of thing on a regular basis almost. 

Five years ago, perhaps someone said something that was not intended the way we perceived it to be, but we chose, actually chose to hold on to that, forgetting what our part in the incident was! Reality is created within us, that is a fact. 

Someone who may be in really constant and excruciating physical pain and who is trying his/her level best to be cheerful and not burden others with that expression of pain is sometimes called ‘haughty’, or some such adjective. The reality we perceive as ‘haughtiness’ or ‘superiority’ is created within us through our own perceptions, whereas the true reality is something quite different. 

Love in motion means compassion, and we all do have compassion, do we not? Love in motion means service to others, and we are all capable of that, are we not? Love in motion means putting our own desires and needs on hold for a while and concentrating instead on acts of genuine kindness. 

Remember that the spark of Divinity which is within us is within the other individual too. Those individuals who actually put love in motion are doing something extraordinarily remarkable ― they are, without even being aware of it, channels of Divine blessings to others.

Dr Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster

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