Reiki healer and clinical hypnotherapist, DR KAITY CAMA tells us how we must think of a spiritual ideal, then contemplate upon it so that it becomes part of our subconscious mind

To most people, spirituality seems far removed from their actual daily life and problems. But every problem, big or small whether on health, career money or success has a spiritual solution. And only the spiritual solution works. This is a fact, tried, tested and found to be accurate and absolute ― always.

Let us find an easy and simple way to establish a spiritual ideal. 

A spiritual ideal is not just an idea which one holds in one’s mind. Let us say we have chosen the spiritual ideal of  harmony. The spiritual ideal is a standard against which we measure our every thought, word and deed. We need to attune to it, to the extent that we become harmony itself. But how do we do this?

First of all, we need to understand what harmony really means, which is that there is no note of discord in our hearts or minds. Contemplate for a few minutes each day on the quality of harmony. This is essential, because as we do this contemplation (several times a day if possible), it gradually becomes accepted by our subconscious mind as part of our intrinsic nature.

Dr Kaity Cama

Let us analyse a recent event that caused us anger, grief, or any negative emotion. Now let us ask ourselves this question: “What if I had felt harmony at that moment within me and allowed that harmony to flow out through my heart and thoughts towards that person or event?” 

In the beginning, of course, we will slip now and again, but gradually, harmony’s vibratory frequency will become part of our energy field. For those who are dedicated to achieving this harmony, they can see results within a few days ― three to four days, perhaps.

We all have ideals, but not all of them are spiritual ones. Even if we need more money, say, then by establishing a spiritual ideal and measuring our daily activities against that ideal will bring us even money and success, but in such a miraculous way that would not be possible had we been striving for it or entering into conflicts for it.

The journey may be slower for some, but everyone interested in this should remain encouraged. Each honest effort brings its rewards. Spirituality is not instant coffee, remember! The stronger your foundation of it is, the more profound will be the fruits and rewards. Sustained effort is the key to this method.

I may declare that my spiritual ideal is harmony, and then, just an hour later, I may receive a telephone call from an irate boss or colleague. Will I react according to the ego’s conditioned impulse of screaming back at them, or will I reflect on harmony and be a channel of harmony’s blessings to that person? That is the crucial test we all need to keep in mind.

As an exercise, write down your spiritual ideal on paper and place it in as many places as you can, around the house, on your work table and even above the mirror in your bathroom, and even in the kitchen. 

How will you know you are progressing and whether this is making a difference? When you live this way, you will see the results gradually occurring in your daily life. 

Take this first step, and stay with it till you see the results. Soon, there will be a conscious awareness within you of what you have thought, said and done, as measured against your spiritual ideal. If your thoughts, speech and actions have been other than harmonious, you will become aware of it. The next step will be that you will become consciously aware of your choice of thoughts, words and actions before you implement them in any way. The third step will be smooth, once you master the first two steps. In the third step, you will be emanating harmony almost constantly ― a wonderful feeling to have. Conflict will cease to affect you, and gradually, conflict will move out of your life altogether.

Dr Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster. 

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