DR KAITY CAMA believes that practically all ailments, including cancer are stress-related and can be reversed by a simple, single intention on the part of the patient

Specific medical conditions need specifically worded affirmations, such as the following: “With every breath I inhale, I am becoming whole, healthy, fit, harmonious and joyful. Each time I inhale, I am breathing in fresh atoms which reconstruct my physical body. With each and every passing day, my levels of blood sugar are returning to normal.”  This is one possible affirmation for diabetes. (For other ailments, you can replace the word ‘diabetes’ with what you are suffering from.)  

Practically all ailments, except those one is born with, are stress-related. Whether it is a degenerative ailment like AMD (age-related macular degeneration), or a life-threatening one like cancer, the situation CAN be reversed by a simple, single intention on the part of the patient. 

Dr Kaity Cama

Cancer and a Sense of Loss

Cancer is due to being unable to handle a loss. Could be a loss of authority, or a loss of nurturing, or a loss of a relationship, or a loss of money and material possessions. The part of the body affected by the cancer tells us the story. For example, a lot of men who have not made enough provision for themselves and their families, get cancer of the prostate after retirement, or even just before retirement. Anger, hostility and related emotions can cause high blood pressure and/or cardiac problems in the long run if those emotions are sustained over long periods of time. 

However, the good news is that our physical bodies are constantly changing – fresh atoms are being inhaled by us every time we breathe in. Every time we exhale, we are exhaling out the worn-out parts of our bodies in the form of atoms which are then recycled in the Universe. Every few days, our stomach lining is a new one. Why then does a stomach ulcer persist? It persists because of the thought patterns we hold consistently. And this knowledge makes it simple to remove that offending ulcer, because all we have to do is simply change the way we think. 

Your Health and the Law of Attraction

Every thought has an emotion. We are constantly thinking and creating vibrations around us. Everything is really just a vibratory frequency unique to the thought-emotion. You have heard it said so often that “like attracts like”. And that is precisely what takes place. Similar vibratory frequencies are attracted within our energy fields, manifesting as their physical counterparts eventually.  

In destructive relationships held for long periods, a woman can and does develop cancer in the lower abdomen, usually related to the uterus and ovaries. If you recall, the second chakra also gets affected and free-flowing energy gets blocked.  

Our physical bodies are self-repairing in the sense that a change of thought pattern, or even a sincere intention to change it, can trigger off a host of chemical changes in the brain, leading eventually to a new and positive way of life and good health. 

Happy, positive-thinking people rarely attract illnesses

People get afraid of a diagnosis by a medical expert. That fear itself is a low vibrational frequency, not to be entertained at all. Fear again is something that builds upon itself very rapidly, and causes havoc in our thinking processes; this is also confirmed by Dr David Hawkins in his Power Vs Force and when we vibrate at the frequency of fear, we are unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood.  

For accurate thinking, Dr Napoleon Hill said that from all the information available to us, we should pick out only facts. Most people simply accept information as facts, which leads to an inaccurate thinking process. 

We all have germs and viruses and bacteria within our bodies. Some of us remain healthy, some of us don’t. The way we think and feel really creates our lives, our circumstances, and our physiology.

Someone who keeps saying, “This really gives me a pain in the neck” will, after a while, develop a minor or major problem related to the neck. It’s as simple as that. 

Some people say that to be spiritual, one should accept suffering. But suffering destroys the body’s cells, and the body is a spiritual boon.   

Note from Editor:

The above thoughts were shared by Kaity Cama with YoursPositively Co-founder and Editor, Reena Singh in an email several years ago. Kaity had written the following words at the end of the email: 

The above has been written at one go without any reservations. If any of it is useful to you or to people you know, you are most welcome to use the information. The more the world recognises that there is, in fact, no such thing as matter, the better and easier their lives will be. Remember Einstein’s famous ‘Energy is equal to matter’ vibrating at twice the speed of light. Our bodies are made of atoms, our thoughts create molecules; we are all made of non-matter, as is the house you live in. 

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Dr Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster. 

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