Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage and all men and women are actors. Indeed, this world is a stage where we are all performing in different roles.

At subtler levels, we know that though we are here in this world, we are not really of this world. Every religion, no matter which it is, has always told us this truth. 

As spiritual beings, then, without form or substance or gender, how do we experience what we call material life? How can we inhale the heady fragrances of flowers? How can we feel the texture of the desert sands? How can we enjoy sunshine, rain, the changing seasons? How could we experience companionship and interactions when in the spiritual realm we are all one? And we received this divine gift, this marvellous human body with physical senses.

Dr Kaity Cama

The Creator, with unconditional love, gifted us the means to experience the world of matter, to experience companionship and interactions. That, by itself, is a miracle. Even today, scientists cannot explain how from a single cell there emerge billions of cells of different types and they are unable to duplicate the manufacture of a single human body.

Then there is the world itself. What infinite intelligence holds it in place, orbiting around the sun? There is constant creation going on in nature. Every few years, scientists discover yet another new planet.

The miracle is that this seemingly reassuring material world is just fluctuations of intelligence and energy, stuff which is invisible to the human eye, and yet through the marvel of our brain and nervous system (which again are fluctuations of intelligence and energy), we are able to perceive it through the physical senses. And so, with the divine gift of a human body, we experience these fluctuations of intelligence and energy as ‘matter’.

At higher states of consciousness, we do perceive this world as a stage with all of us acting out roles. And even though through our personality we change our original ‘script’, it is a superb experience.

If we study the evolution of mankind, we discover through our intellect how far we have evolved as humans. Of course, we still need to evolve spiritually, because we got so interested in material life that we put aside the soul’s original desire, and thankfully now, more and more humans are turning back to spirituality.

This world is a beautiful place because we learn about relationships and interactions with others. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that this world is a place of relationships… relationships between human and human, relationships between corporate and corporate, relationships between countries. And just look at the relationship within the human body itself ― how everything is really interlinked. 

Let’s also look at the relationship of the mind with the body, of the body to this earth and to the universe. Everyone and everything is connected. There is nothing that is isolated in the world. We are citizens not merely of a country, but of the universe itself.

Those of us who are too deeply immersed in material life may argue that the world is full of conflicts and disturbing factors. And those of us who see the bigger picture will respond that conflicts and disturbing factors are not caused by the world, only by those who have yet to evolve to higher consciousness, where everyone sees everyone else as their own self, where the realization comes that ‘hurting you is hurting my own self’, where we know there is no ‘separateness’ ― all are just one.

For every conflict, every hurt, there are at least 100 acts of kindness in the world.

When we seek the beautiful in people, it soon manifests itself ― and this world becomes a miraculous, glorious experience for us. 

We arrived here with nothing and we will leave here with nothing to take back to our spiritual abode. As long as we remember this, we will balance our earthly life with spirituality and then be able to see with gratitude in our heart, how very, very beautiful this world really is.

Dr Kaity Cama made a mark for herself as a healer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki grandmaster

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