MAULANA WAHIDUDDIN KHAN shares with us simple tips to success

Psychologists have estimated that we put to use only 10% of the abilities with which we are born. Despite the innate qualities nature has endowed us with, the successes which should have been ours in this world keep eluding us for the simple reason that we quite unthinkingly consent to lead inferior lives.

We should consciously seek out principles that will lead us towards a superior and successful life. Here are three simple pointers to success.

1. Motion and direction: Not knowing the difference between motion and direction is a roadblock to success. When you are walking, driving or riding a bicycle, you are moving but in what direction? Are you moving towards your destination, or away from it? Starting out in the right direction is the first important principle of success.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Often people launch themselves on careers without giving due thought to their actual capacities and whether they have any real potential which can be developed. It is important to make right career choices and thus start in the right direction.

2. Small Beginnings: Progress can seldom be made by leaps and bounds. The climb is up the ladder one step after another; you cannot make a success of your life just by pushing buttons and then automatically reach your goals. You can only make progress step by step

3. Law of Nature: There is a price to be paid for every end in life; without paying that price, nothing can be achieved. One has to sink before one can rise; one has to resign oneself to loss before one can gain; one has to be able to accept defeat before one can claim victory.

Since we are living in God’s world, we have no alternative but to understand His laws, and follow them. There is no other way we can make a place for ourselves in the world.

Anyone who wants success to come their way in this world, will first have to make themselves deserving of it. They must know their strengths and weaknesses and circumstances.

They must organise and channelise their energies properly. They must enter the field fully equipped in every respect; then others cannot fail to recognise their true value. They must be like the tree which forces its way up through the undergrowth to take its place in the sun.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, who left his physical body on April 21, 2021, four years short of a century, was an Islamic spiritual scholar, who had adopted peace as the mission of his life. Author of more than 200 books, and known for his Gandhian views, he considered non-violence as the only method to achieve success.

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Featured Image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay