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Dr Parul Gupta holds a Masters in Physiotherapy (orthopaedics) and has eight years’ clinical experience. She believes in self-motivation and is always keen to expand her learning through books, religion and spirituality.

post-Is it Good to Keep Quiet or Vent Out?Is it Good to Keep Quiet or Vent Out?

Often, in life we come across people and situations that seem unfair and unjust. Should we endure silently or vent out?

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post-Acknowledge Life and Move OnAcknowledge Life and Move On

Your life events are there to propel you forward. Don’t get overwhelmed by them, but simply acknowledge them, says DR PARUL GUPTA After a long period of change both in my professional and personal life, I realised that I was...

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post-The Planet Belongs to Men & WomenThe Planet Belongs to Men & Women

In the 2020 Olympics, Indian women fared well. However, not all women are so lucky, says DR PARUL GUPTA. But this can change, especially if women make a choice and their parents, too, support them Today, it is the age...

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post-Remembering Our Brave SoldiersRemembering Our Brave Soldiers

DR PARUL GUPTA’s heartfelt tribute to the brave CRPF soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack on February 14, 2019, two years ago  Our flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it; it flies with the force of the...

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post-A New Year, A New MeA New Year, A New Me

DR PARUL GUPTA has pledged to begin working on herself, this year. “It is only when you feel good about yourself that you can help others feel good, too,” she says We are already into the third week of January,...

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post-Smile: Life is Good When You DoSmile: Life is Good When You Do

It is easy to smile. Pull your muscles and practise smiling in the mirror. You will cheer up — and also cheer up others around you, says DR PARUL GUPTA Can anyone imagine a life without a smile? That one and half...

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post-Women On The MoveWomen On The Move

India is a land of contrasts, but slowly and surely, things are moving in the right direction towards women empowerment, says DR PARUL GUPTA As a country, India is well-known for its cultural legacy, customs, traditional values, languages, and religions....

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post-A Daughter Is A Daughter All Her LifeA Daughter Is A Daughter All Her Life

The author analyses the loving relationship between parents and daughters in the light of societal expectations Often, this thought occupies my mind: Why is it that a girl is never thought of as a permanent member of her parental home?...

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post-Your Child is a Gift from GodYour Child is a Gift from God

I feel like it was only yesterday when I first got the news of my motherhood. It’s hard to explain that while you can’t perceive anything inside you then, it will soon be verified and soon enough, you will start...

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