Our lips join together in infancy to form that very beautiful word, MAA. I am not writing this today because it’s Mother’s day. But you will agree with me that this day of all days is really special for everyone, and so are the feelings that arise within us on this particular day. This is an all-time special subject for each one of us. In my childhood, I understood very early on and in all probability, you must have heard it too – that one indisputable fact that God can’t be everywhere, so he created Maa. 

The reason is obvious. It’s because only a mother can shower that selfless love on her children. When, I was a young child, then a schoolgirl, and then in college, I never paid much attention to the work my Maa did. I never found anything extraordinary about what she was doing or thought much about what it meant to me. Perhaps, it was because she did her work quietly, loving us, cooking for us, running the house efficiently, so that we took it all for granted. 

She never let us feel that she was doing something that was beyond her limit or capacity. She managed all of us superbly by herself – while my father tended to his work and we three sisters went about our daily routine.

And long after we left our homes to embrace our own destiny, she continues to perform her role as a mother just so that we can live hassle-free in our own homes. She is there – to help us unburden ourselves and to give us her wise insights on life. She has been doing that for an eternity; it’s a role that comes naturally to her. 

Dr Parul Gupta

Now, I am executing a similar role in my own family. I am finally in the same boat as my mother, and I realise now that motherhood is never easy. Managing a child’s routine takes endless planning and your day goes in planning your child’s meals, supervising his studies, conducting household chores, juggling the financial aspects, and still finding time to maintain social relations, as well see that your child has good playmates as well. In short, your entire day goes in making sure that everyone in the family grows healthy and well, and is cheerful and happy at the same time. 

When I started sailing in the same boat, my mind naturally went back to days I had spent with my family. I recalled the various actions my mother would do in the course of a regular day and I made a conscious effort to follow the same routine as Maa did. This, in itself was a big learning tool for me in every aspect of life. She recalled how she guided me through life’s ups and downs and how just an encouraging word from her made everything seem negotiable and do-able. Even now, whenever I feel troubled with life’s burdens, I reach out to her. 

I cannot ever thank her enough for the countless times she has helped me or picked me up when I have been down in the dumps. And I know that no matter how old I will become, I will always be her little one. I am still the child you carried in your arms, and I remember the times when we laughed, cried and had fun. You always knew just how I felt; you loved me then and love me still. 

I want you to know that I am deeply grateful to you. You are the best! 

Through this little tribute to all mothers on Mother’s Day, I want to reach out to all the mothers out there with deep admiration for the role they play in families. They have a difficult role to play, but they always excel. 

A mother’s role gets even more challenging when she is trying to juggle her time with a job and trying to manage home and family at the same time. A mother is the one who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, but it comes with a mother. A mother can understand what her child says and even when he or she doesn’t say anything. Indeed, they are walking miracles on Planet Earth. 

Let me leave you with this quote from the author, Mitch Albom:

“…Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.”

Dr Parul Gupta holds a Masters in Physiotherapy (orthopaedics) and has more than a dozen years’ clinical experience. She believes in self-motivation and is always keen to expand her learning through books, religion and spirituality.

Featured photo by Bruno Saito from Pixels