DR PARUL GUPTA has pledged to begin working on herself, this year. “It is only when you feel good about yourself that you can help others feel good, too,” she says

We are already into the third week of January, and this year, I am determined to not give in to what others will say or think if I do this or that. This year, I have decided will be a time to think about myself. It’s going to be a year when I am going to give my own thoughts some importance, for that is essential for my own growth. 

‘Individuality should be my primary priority,’ I often tell myself. I know, in our country, women especially are often told to think of their families first. ‘Look upon your family as your duty; they should come first,’ women are often told. But isn’t the self also important? 

In my opinion, if people can’t be happy, then they probably cannot make people in their immediate environment happy and cheerful either. 

Dr Parul Gupta

Yes, in a way, it pays to be self-obsessed with your own self. When one spends time on one’s own self, it enhances your personality and makes you feel more complete. When you feel that way, you can play a crucial role and contribute towards our family’s welfare and happiness. So, in that sense, self-obsession pays off and should not be considered a negative word. In a world that is out to find problems with everything that you are and do, focusing on your well-being is a survival tactic and should never be considered an attitude problem.

Therefore, it is completely okay to take a break, culling out moments for yourself during the course of each day. It’s okay to be ‘selfish’ sometimes so that it can help you rediscover your own power and happiness. When you are motivated and feel good, you automatically take better care of your beloved family. Self-love is the foundation for your capacity to love others. So if you are not happy and peaceful yourself, you probably can’t make others happy either. and can’t help others find happiness.  Therefore, you must work towards building respect for yourself, and become a good productive support system for yourself.

Self-love will heal you, empower you and open up a new world all around you. When you feel good yourself, you always automatically present a better version of yourself to the world. 

Everything starts from within you. So, put your best foot forward and the universe will reciprocate. You will begin to start receiving the best. 

When you love yourself, you will begin to feel happy from within your soul, and you will glow from inside. You will instinctively know when this happens. 

I can say that as I am basing it on my own experience. 

When a special time had come into my life, when I was happy from deep within my soul, there was a glow of happiness that would actually reflect on my face. It was noticeable too by my friends and companions. 

At such times, you attract people, who love, appreciate, and respect your energy. Everything starts with how you feel about yourself. Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving of receiving the best that life has to offer. Be a magnetic personality.

It doesn’t have to start overnight. Take your time to think about yourself. And so what if it takes an extra year, or may be even two or five years to become who you really want to be?

Life doesn’t have a deadline. There is no expiration date or even a start date. We can change as much as we need, and if we get confused and lost along the way, that’s okay, too! Life is a journey and not a race and we are meant to make mistakes. 

Find yourself and more importantly, find your happiness because it’s out there waiting for you.

Dr Parul Gupta holds a Masters in Physiotherapy (orthopaedics) and has eight years’ clinical experience. She believes in self-motivation and is always keen to expand her learning through books, religion and spirituality.

Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels