Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Kishor Kulkarni is a technologist by education with work experience of about 30 years, spanning banking and information technology. After he developed spiritual interests around the age of 50, he quit his job to pursue spirituality. He has written many books on spirituality and self-published them on Amazon. Many of his articles have been published in the ‘Speaking Tree’ column of the ‘Times of India’.

post-Nullifying Past KarmaNullifying Past Karma

KISHOR KULKARNI suggests a practical approach to nullify past karma The law of karma is extremely complex. We do not know what kind of karmic baggage we are born with. We do not know how to get rid of that...

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post-Ending Friction Between Different ReligionsEnding Friction Between Different Religions

For friction between different religions to end, the concept of religion needs to be regarded not as cast in stone, but something that should be dynamic and responsive to the changing situation on the ground, says KISHOR KULKARNI Prehistoric man...

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post-Punishment is God’s PrerogativePunishment is God’s Prerogative

Punishment is not something that we can give to others; only the Creator is the right authority to administer the law of karma and mete out punishment, says KISHOR KULKARNI A colleague of mine and I usually come back home...

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post-What Is True Love?What Is True Love?

KISHOR KULKARNI explains the meaning of true love Love is not a deliberate action. It is a natural emotion arising from within. It is like a natural flow, or, an overflow that can no longer be contained inside. It is...

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post-Understanding the Concept of KarmaUnderstanding the Concept of Karma

Wisdom is in not getting stuck on the desire for a particular outcome of our actions, says KISHOR KULKARNI, who adds that there is not much point in agonising over why something happened the way it did or why something...

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post-The Positive-Negative ApproachThe Positive-Negative Approach

We should look at both the positive and negative aspects of a situation or issue to take corrective action so as to ensure best results, says KISHOR KULKARNI It is wisely said that unless and until you acknowledge a problem,...

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post-Covid-19: Looking at the Big PictureCovid-19: Looking at the Big Picture

KISHOR KULKARNI suggests that by trusting the Divine and adopting a spiritual attitude, it may be possible to cope with the Covid crisis These are very difficult times for mankind with Covid-19 raging all over the world. Suffering and death...

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