post-Vivekananda Saw God in the Poor MassesVivekananda Saw God in the Poor Masses
Do the rich of India work for the welfare of the poor, seeing God in them, like Swami Vivekananda did? The harsh reality is that most of the rich don’t care about the poor. But there are many silent givers, inspired by the great sage.
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Tap into Your Inner Magic

Q: You call your new book, The Magic is Within, “a self-help, action-oriented guide aiming to help tap into your inner magic and make it work for you”. How would you describe “inner magic” and what potential can it unleash within you?

Nona Walia: We all need that extra zing in life. Inner Magic is that X-factor that gives us never-ending enthusiasm. It’s about thinking big when others think small. Magic is about perceiving things with fresh eyes. It’s discovering a new path in the darkness. Magic is gratitude. Inner Magic is spiritual glimmer that brings radiance. It involves turning inward, staying grounded, and embracing humility. Engaging in magic is about embracing openness. Inner magic is a life-saving elixir. We need to cultivate and nourish it from within. It is the secret ingredient that propels you forward in a world full of challenges. It has the potential to guide you toward greatness. Inner magic acts as a protective aura, harnessing your inner magnetism to draw positivity into your life. The more spiritual effort you invest in cultivating this magic, the more pronounced the positive transformation in your destiny becomes. The best part is that we all have that inner magic.

Would you say reading books can put you onto a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness?