Giving Is Liberating

There is nothing more beautiful than giving, especially if the giving is totally unconditional ― but the ultimate aim of giving is liberation of both the giver and the receiver, says MOHANJI

When we give wholeheartedly, our whole heart expands; our life becomes more meaningful and worthwhile. When we take from someone, we may perhaps be happy for a few minutes or hours. Then the happiness erodes and more needs begin to replace that space which was occupied by the momentary happiness a few minutes earlier.

But giving keeps us liberated. Giving keeps us free and abundant. Abundance fills our hearts and it shows. It shines forth in our expressions. Like fresh water fills into a well after a bucket has removed a quantity of water from it, so also when we give, grace fills in.

Giving has degree variations too. When we give our most precious possession for a higher cause, it can create a challenge in our existence. If we survive that challenge, our consciousness shifts. Our awareness level changes. We achieve beautiful states of existence.