Let’s Banish the Majority-Minority Tag

OSWALD PEREIRA makes a strong plea to counter the politics of divide and rule, so that we can live in harmony and brotherhood without the tag of majority and minority

The time has come for all sensible Indians, residents of Bharat, the most ancient and enlightened land in the world to abolish the concept of majority and minorities. The only class benefiting from this division is the political class, which thrives on dividing people on religious and communal lines.

We are all children of God, made in His image. We breathe the same air, bask in the same sunshine and glory of the One God. God never created us as minority or majority. He created us as human beings to grow, flourish and prosper in His love and in the love for each other.

All of us who have read the scriptures know that the words majority and minority do not exist in these divine works. Then why do we humans accept such terminology, which is nothing short of obnoxious, if we look at the way it is being misused by wily politicians to feather their own nests.