Living In Religious & Communal Harmony

Whether we are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or none of these ― we are all one; those who try to divide us should be shown the door, says OSWALD PEREIRA

I have a proud legacy. It’s not a legacy of riches or power. It’s a legacy of living in harmony with my brothers and sisters from different religions and communities. In fact, almost all of us Indians have this legacy. It’s a legacy that, I firmly believe, cannot be destroyed by divisive, vote bank politics.

I hail from Kolbad in Thane. During my childhood, Kolbad was a small village, where Hindus, Christians and Muslims lived together harmoniously. Christians (Catholics to be precise) then were larger in numbers than other communities. But then I hadn’t heard of the terms, majority and minority communities.

Now Kolbad is no more a village, but an urban conglomerate of high-rise society buildings. The demographics, too, have changed and Catholics have been outnumbered.