Who Were They Before Becoming Gurus?

REENA SINGH recounts the everyday stories of several New Age God men and women she has had occasion to meet

In the almost ten years I spent working for India’s top spiritual newspaper, where I retired as Deputy Editor, I had the good fortune to spend many an afternoon with some top gurus. Watching their glowing countenance, I seemed to be smiling to myself at my good fortune of being part of an exclusive private satsang with them. 

It was therefore, an interesting exercise to delve into their backgrounds. Who were they before they discovered their almost God-given gifts to hold sway over crowds, giving spiritual discourses.

Way back in 2011, I met Mother Maya, a calm, serene woman, and a firm believer in Ayurveda who had beaten cancer at a young age by meditating on mantras and eating simple sattvic food in a log cabin in the forest. It was this back-to-nature sojourn that cured her of her ailment and soon, she was a convert, a spiritual leader in her own right. But hold your breath, before she found this path, she was a supermodel in New York, and had appeared on the cover of Vogue. At the time, I met her, she was off on a peace mission to convert people to embrace ahimsa ― in their food habits.