post-Let’s Become Practising HumansLet’s Become Practising Humans
The most important thing for us to do in our present state of living is to first practise becoming true human beings. The practice of our religion then, will bring us Ananda, bliss, that we all deserve as real children of God.
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The Bond Between Sports and Spirituality

Sports enables us to attain a higher state. Swami Vivekananda said, “In kicking a ball or playing a game, you are much closer to the divine than you will ever be in prayer.”

Football, cricket and other games have always had millions of fans. During the sports season, there is a lot of talk about the frenzy that grips most parts of the world.

The fiesta sees a whole range of emotions―from exuberance to pain not just in the handful of men who play, but in millions of those who watch them. It is in this context that I wonder about the connection between spirituality and sports.

The image that games like cricket and football evoke is that of twenty-two sweaty, aggressive men, galloping around a vast field, chasing a tiny ball while thousands around them scream and hoot, clenching their fists and grinding their teeth. The roar of the audience echoes across millions of homes where eager faces sit glued to the television screen. It is a testosterone-fuelled fiercely contested game where competition is severe and pressure is enormous.