Aryan Khan: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The golden principle of jurisprudence ― innocent until proven guilty ― should be applied to Aryan Khan; this principle applies to both the rich and the poor, says OSWALD PEREIRA

Angulimala had killed 999 people and retained their little fingers as souvenirs. He was believed to have strung their fingers into a garland, which he wore around his neck, thus earning the nickname, Angulimala (finger garland). Buddha, who was walking in the forest after his meal, was to be his thousandth target.

But mesmerised by Buddha’s divine presence, Angulimala’s murderous intent evaporated and he felt remorse. Buddha forgave his mass murders and the serial killer became a monk.

Jesus Christ, believed to be the Son of God, is said to have taken birth to help us redeem ourselves from our many sins as humans. Mary Magdalene, a woman of so-called easy virtue, changed her life after she met him and became one of Christ’s key disciples.