The True Spirit of Lord Ram

The next time we chant Jai Shri Ram, which means “Glory to Lord Rama”, let’s say it in a spirit of love, brotherhood, oneness and compassion ― not as a weapon of exclusivity or superiority. Only then would it reflect the true Spirit of Lord Ram and make every day a Happy Ram Navami, says OSWALD PEREIRA

I grew up in my village, Kolbad, in Thane, listening to bhajans on Lord Ram playing from loudspeakers mounted on the topmost branches of the centuries’ old Banyan tree, facing the Shiv Mandir, better known as Jagmata Shankar Temple, dating back to more than 150 years.

Those bhajans were and are very uplifting as their sweetness and divinity sinks into my soul. As a child, teenager, young adult, and now older person, Lord Ram is resident in my consciousness, as much as is Christ and Krishna.

Very importantly, I don’t distinguish or differentiate between Them on the basis of land, region or religion. I can bet my life on it ― that in the world beyond, these great avatars don’t go by the name of the religion that some humans tend to place them in.