Sunday, May 28, 2023


Dr Sanjay Teotia is a senior consultant eye surgeon.

post-Who is Spiritually Aware?Who is Spiritually Aware?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA explains what the concept of spirituality means to different people Spiritual awareness eventually unveils an extraordinary state of mind that goes far beyond the self with its limited superficial understanding. To reach spiritual awareness, we must learn...

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post-Consciousness: The Only Solution for Our Well-beingConsciousness: The Only Solution for Our Well-being

DR SANJAY TEOTIA explains what consciousness is and how it applies to our daily life Consciousness is our own unique way of processing information, rather than merely imbibing it in a way that won’t be meaningful or individuated for us....

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post-Depression and Anxiety are Affecting Young PeopleDepression and Anxiety are Affecting Young People

Our diet, stress and fast-paced life, over-reliance on social media and other lifestyle factors is causing depression and anxiety among youngsters, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA In present times, depression and anxiety are increasing daily in society, among all age groups....

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post-Our Thoughts Create Our Neural PathwaysOur Thoughts Create Our Neural Pathways

Thoughts are like seeds and manifest as fruit, whether good or bad in our lives, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA Physical reality is an energetic system. There are particles of energy all around us and these coalesce to create matter. Our...

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post-Workplace Ethics and Values Create Happier EmployeesWorkplace Ethics and Values Create Happier Employees

A high spiritual quotient leads to healthy and profitable actions at the workplace, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA For people to understand their world and give their life a meaning and a reason for their existence while also shaping their ethical,...

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post-Practise Loving Kindness to Overcome AngerPractise Loving Kindness to Overcome Anger

Buddhist meditations such as the one that focuses on Loving Kindness can bring about changes in the way we think and act, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA The state of ‘Loving Kindness’ is often thought of as a mental state or...

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post-Spirituality Leads to God ConsciousnessSpirituality Leads to God Consciousness

DR SANJAY TEOTIA describes man’s spiritual journey which is the soul’s training in God consciousness There is a beautiful synergy between the teachings of Jesus Christ to enter the Kingdom of God within you and the teachings of spirituality as...

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post-The Consciousness ComplexityThe Consciousness Complexity

What really is Consciousness? DR SANJAY TEOTIA analyses this complex phenomenon The human mind often goes against itself when it is trying to explain the nature of consciousness. Is it something universal and primal as has been suggested by ancient...

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post-Meditate to Conquer DelusionsMeditate to Conquer Delusions

DR SANJAY TEOTIA describes the states of delusion and suggests different types of meditation that help you to overcome them What is delusion? Does it happen when you superimpose an idea or memory onto something else and create an entirely...

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