Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Dr Sanjay Teotia is a senior consultant eye surgeon.

post-Forgive and Set Yourself FreeForgive and Set Yourself Free

DR SANJAY TEOTIA says, ‘Forgiveness is bliss. Therefore, always try to forgive’  The belief is that forgiveness makes a person great. Examples are often cited of Jesus Christ who forgave even those who crucified him. The Bible’s famous saying is often...

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post-Are You In Touch With Reality?Are You In Touch With Reality?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA suggests that it is okay to be delusional sometimes to a very limited extent To delude oneself is basic nature for most. Delusions are false beliefs, but nevertheless it is a belief held with strong conviction despite evidence to...

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post-The Eternal, Ethereal Love of RadhakrishnaThe Eternal, Ethereal Love of Radhakrishna

DR SANJAY TEOTIA captures the divine essence of the world’s eternally romantic, yet divine union that spurs us on to touch the divinity within us Radha’s love for Krishna is unique in every dimension and form of love – and without doubt, it is a type of...

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post-Vipassana Meditation for Inner TransformationVipassana Meditation for Inner Transformation

DR SANJAY TEOTIA explores the nature of Vipassana Meditation and explains how it can help us control our reactive mind What exactly is Vipassana meditation? According to, it is an observation-based, self-exploratory journey that focuses on the deep interconnection between...

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post-Happiness and Sorrow: Go with the FlowHappiness and Sorrow: Go with the Flow

The happiness and sorrows that we experience in our mind has no power to affect our soul, which is above both emotions, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA Happiness and sorrow are two sides of same coin, and one cannot exist without...

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post-Intuition is the Voice of Our SoulIntuition is the Voice of Our Soul

There is a voice inside you that whispers all day long – and if you listen to this voice, you will know what’s right for you, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without taking recourse to...

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post-Let’s End All Corruption And Nepotism In IndiaLet’s End All Corruption And Nepotism In India

We, the people, should take over the reins and end all nepotism and corruption. Let us all build our own Ram Rajya, without involving politicians, who would rather feather their own nests than work for the welfare of the people,...

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post-How to Activate Inner Energies with YogaHow to Activate Inner Energies with Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual discipline based on a subtle science, which seeks to bring harmony between mind, body and soul. It’s the art and science of healthy living. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning to join, yoke...

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post-Free Yourself Of Your WorriesFree Yourself Of Your Worries

The whole world has been gripped by the coronavirus. India has a very high rate of infections and normal, day-to-day life has virtually come to a standstill with people living in constant fear of getting infected by the virus. Some...

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