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Dr Sanjay Teotia is a senior consultant eye surgeon.

post-Overcoming Negative Self-talkOvercoming Negative Self-talk

When you think positively about yourself, you can be cheerful, productive and get along well with others.

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post-Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and PanchapranaHatha Yoga, Pranayama and Panchaprana

As practitioners of Hatha Yoga, we can learn to breathe with the right pranayama techniques to improve our physical and mental health.

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post-Duality of the MindDuality of the Mind

What is the meaning of the term, 'duality' when applied to the mind? It is both spiritual and non-spiritual.

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post-Blessed with Buddhi YogaBlessed with Buddhi Yoga

We can tame our wayward mind through the practice of Buddhi Yoga and perform our duties with even-mindedness.

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post-Wisdom Brings Peace and HappinessWisdom Brings Peace and Happiness

DR SANJAY TEOTIA says that our primary goal is to find wisdom; only the wise find true peace and happiness, a state of mind that comes when we are self-realised Only wisdom brings peace and happiness to us; and it...

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post-Your Habits Impact Your EyesightYour Habits Impact Your Eyesight

DR SANJAY TEOTIA says that stress and tension, diabetes, and even medication for pain management and high blood pressure can eventually lead to blurring of vision. Take care of your eyes. They are God’s most precious gift to you Many...

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post-Who is Spiritually Aware?Who is Spiritually Aware?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA explains what the concept of spirituality means to different people Spiritual awareness eventually unveils an extraordinary state of mind that goes far beyond the self with its limited superficial understanding. To reach spiritual awareness, we must learn...

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post-Consciousness: The Only Solution for Our Well-beingConsciousness: The Only Solution for Our Well-being

DR SANJAY TEOTIA explains what consciousness is and how it applies to our daily life Consciousness is our own unique way of processing information, rather than merely imbibing it in a way that won’t be meaningful or individuated for us....

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post-Depression and Anxiety are Affecting Young PeopleDepression and Anxiety are Affecting Young People

Our diet, stress and fast-paced life, over-reliance on social media and other lifestyle factors is causing depression and anxiety among youngsters, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA In present times, depression and anxiety are increasing daily in society, among all age groups....

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