Saturday, October 23, 2021


Dr Sanjay Teotia is a senior consultant eye surgeon.

post-Are We Part of the Divine?Are We Part of the Divine?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA tosses the eternal question about man’s relationship with God and the cosmos The Divine is Godhead itself or God in general or perhaps the word refers to a deity. Even angels in the Psalms are considered divine...

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post-Should I Send My Children to School?Should I Send My Children to School?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA addresses parents’ concerns about whether it is safe for children to return to school in the midst of this Covid pandemic Schools are opening all across the country and parents are opting to send send their kids...

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post-Truth is the Only ConstantTruth is the Only Constant

DR SANJAY TEOTIA says that true religion is based on the Ultimate Truth. If we follow this path steadfastly we will ultimately attain moksha Truth if analysed is revealed as the world’s best religion. The question that now arises in...

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post-Covid Ki Aisi Ki TaisiCovid Ki Aisi Ki Taisi

With the surge in infections worldwide of the Delta variant, DR SANJAY TEOTIA’s advice on keeping Covid at bay comes as a timely reminder to us that we must never let our guard down There are three main protocols that...

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post-Transmigration of Our SoulTransmigration of Our Soul

DR SANJAY TEOTIA tries to understand what the soul is and its struggle to obtain moksha The soul is an internal energy that is invisible and is a part of God. The soul migrates from one plane to another, sometimes...

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post-Our Fate and KarmaOur Fate and Karma

Our life is a result of our actions in our past lives, but fate and destiny play important roles, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA Although karma is supreme, fate plays an equally important role in one’s life. Karma means only good...

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post-Forgive and Set Yourself FreeForgive and Set Yourself Free

DR SANJAY TEOTIA says, ‘Forgiveness is bliss. Therefore, always try to forgive’  The belief is that forgiveness makes a person great. Examples are often cited of Jesus Christ who forgave even those who crucified him. The Bible’s famous saying is often...

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post-Are You In Touch With Reality?Are You In Touch With Reality?

DR SANJAY TEOTIA suggests that it is okay to be delusional sometimes to a very limited extent To delude oneself is basic nature for most. Delusions are false beliefs, but nevertheless it is a belief held with strong conviction despite evidence to...

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post-The Eternal, Ethereal Love of RadhakrishnaThe Eternal, Ethereal Love of Radhakrishna

DR SANJAY TEOTIA captures the divine essence of the world’s eternally romantic, yet divine union that spurs us on to touch the divinity within us Radha’s love for Krishna is unique in every dimension and form of love – and without doubt, it is a type of...

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