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Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi are spiritual directors of Ananda Sangha Worldwide. Ananda Sangha was founded in 1968 by a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yoganandaji, Swami Kriyananda.

post-Make a Pledge: To Never Slip into Negative ConsciousnessMake a Pledge: To Never Slip into Negative Consciousness

NAYASWAMIS JYOTISH and DEVI give us tips on how we can overcome our negative mind and negative thinking patterns and bring in positivity Let’s look at brain physiology and the neuroscience of the brain. Paramhansa Yoganandji said that every thought...

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post-Unite With God Through MeditationUnite With God Through Meditation

NAYASWAMIS JYOTISH and DEVI explain how we can experience the deepest states in meditation, and feel our unity with God Someone in deep meditation seems similar to one who is asleep: body completely relaxed, senses shut down. Other parts, however,...

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post-An Attitude of GratitudeAn Attitude of Gratitude

This inspirational talk by Nayaswamis JYOTISH and DEVI delivered a decade ago is relevant even today and can brighten up our lives and lessen the fear of this current pandemic Paramhansa Yogananda often said, “Creation is a dream of God...

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post-Overcome Uninvited DesiresOvercome Uninvited Desires

NAYASWAMIS JYOTISH and DEVI give us five simple ways to overcome uninvited desires A young man once asked us, “Why do we do things that we know will make us unhappy, even when we don’t really want to do them?”...

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post-Gratitude Sparks HappinessGratitude Sparks Happiness

Gratitude is naturally expansive and brings in great happiness in your life, say NAYASWAMIS JYOTISH and DEVI Once I received an email laced with unfair criticism, and my first reaction was to get defensive. I could feel my mind speeding...

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post-Praying RightPraying Right

The most important aspect of prayer is not to count the favours bestowed on us, but simply learning to trust that God really is listening, and to speak to Him with complete openness and honesty Considering the vastness of the...

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post-Calmness in the Midst of ChaosCalmness in the Midst of Chaos

We seem to live on a mental diet of worries, tensions and anxiety. The writers teach us the benefits of calm, regular breathing and how this simple technique always relaxes the mind Years ago, when we were first starting our...

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