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Arjun Pereira, a writer and editor, is also a singer, composer, lyricist and guitarist. He has worked for leading publishing houses and corporates, but music is his passion.

post-Soar to Bliss with MusicSoar to Bliss with Music

Singing or playing an instrument takes you a step closer to divinity.

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post-A Very Special Ram NavamiA Very Special Ram Navami

Let us rise above parochialism and like Lord Rama, love all irrespective of creed and communities. Let us make Ram Navami really special.

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post-Competitive and Tough Tennis Teaches Us MindfulnessCompetitive and Tough Tennis Teaches Us Mindfulness

Winning a tennis match is a big achievement, but the greatest win from it is the lesson of mindfulness, which helps you navigate life’s ups and downs.

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post-Are Vegetable Seed Oils Healthy?Are Vegetable Seed Oils Healthy?

Vegetable seed oils so lavishly found in our kitchens can lead to a host of lifestyle illnesses.

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post-Sugar is Sweet and DeadlySugar is Sweet and Deadly

Sugary desserts and colas can give us a high and make us feel good, but its effects on our organs and bodies is deadly.

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post-Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D Through SunlightGet Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D Through Sunlight

Head outdoors to get your daily dose of Vitamin D to prevent depression, osteoporosis and bone pain.

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post-You Can Make it Big at any AgeYou Can Make it Big at any Age

There is good news for late starters. You can make it big at any age, says ARJUN PEREIRA What is age? I often wonder about this human phenomenon which everyone seems to take so seriously! Is the body’s age really...

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post-Man’s Search for Meaning: Book ReviewMan’s Search for Meaning: Book Review

ARJUN PEREIRA picks up the eternal bestseller, Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and finds great lessons to be learnt from the author’s experiences in concentration camps Very recently, I picked up the classic, philosophical book published in 1946, Man’s...

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post-The Intriguing Universe of Harry PotterThe Intriguing Universe of Harry Potter

ARJUN PEREIRA was an avid reader of the Harry Potter books when he was growing up. Now, as the Harry Potter movie team celebrates 20 years, he recalls the timeless appeal of Harry Potter, the protagonist, and the intricate universe...

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