Monday, May 16, 2022


Arjun Pereira, a writer and editor, is also a singer, composer, lyricist and guitarist. He has worked for leading publishing houses and corporates, but music is his passion.

post-You Can Make it Big at any AgeYou Can Make it Big at any Age

There is good news for late starters. You can make it big at any age, says ARJUN PEREIRA What is age? I often wonder about this human phenomenon which everyone seems to take so seriously! Is the body’s age really...

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post-Man’s Search for Meaning: Book ReviewMan’s Search for Meaning: Book Review

ARJUN PEREIRA picks up the eternal bestseller, Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and finds great lessons to be learnt from the author’s experiences in concentration camps Very recently, I picked up the classic, philosophical book published in 1946, Man’s...

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post-The Intriguing Universe of Harry PotterThe Intriguing Universe of Harry Potter

ARJUN PEREIRA was an avid reader of the Harry Potter books when he was growing up. Now, as the Harry Potter movie team celebrates 20 years, he recalls the timeless appeal of Harry Potter, the protagonist, and the intricate universe...

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post-2022 Resolution: Walking is Better than Partying2022 Resolution: Walking is Better than Partying

ARJUN PEREIRA describes the benefits of an early morning walk, which apart from health advantages opens up a subtle window of communication with nature and people Instead of partying excessively on the 31st of December 2021, I decided to sleep...

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post-Reaching a Higher Level in LadakhReaching a Higher Level in Ladakh

ARJUN PEREIRA is just back from a rejuvenating holiday in Ladakh, which turned to be a surprisingly spiritual and adventurous trip                                                                                                                    I am just back from an invigorating visit to Leh and Ladakh. It was the experience of a...

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post-There is a Maradona Deep Within All of UsThere is a Maradona Deep Within All of Us

The legendary football hero was arguably one of the world’s best, says ARJUN PEREIRA, who analyses how he fared off the field Everyone, young, middle-aged or old has heard of football’s legendary star, Diego Maradona. He was an international sports...

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post-Innovative Ways to Combat Covid-19Innovative Ways to Combat Covid-19

It’s all up to us to do something about getting rid of the fear of the coronavirus, says a philosophical ARJUN PEREIRA While the very mention of the Covid-19 pandemic strikes terror, anxiety and stress in most people’s hearts and...

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post-Life in a Small TownLife in a Small Town

Many people now choose to live in the satellite towns that invariably spring up near big cities. Life is definitely more peaceful and healthier here, says ARJUN PEREIRA An eternal debate rages about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a...

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post-Sports is a Spiritual ExperienceSports is a Spiritual Experience

ARJUN PEREIRA, a sports enthusiast says that many of the rules in sport reflect our deepest spiritual goals Sports is big business. Glittering trophies, glory, fame, glamour, media coverage, PR and other factors are key to all sports. It is...

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