DR SANJAY TEOTIA says that stress and tension, diabetes, and even medication for pain management and high blood pressure can eventually lead to blurring of vision. Take care of your eyes. They are God’s most precious gift to you

Many people now complain that their vision is blurred. It may not necessarily mean that you have some kind of eye disease; it may be just due to your habits which influence your eyes as well as your other body parts.

Your eyes are very delicate and important organs of our body and even a little bit of carelessness on your part can cause weakening of your eyesight or even lead to blindness. The reason for weak eyesight is not just some eye-related disease and could be a result of something else altogether like diabetes, high blood pressure, excess time spent looking at phone and laptop screens, migraine or brain stroke.

Diabetes: A diabetic person can have  diabetic retinopathy. New blood vessels are formed on the retina of the eyes due to retinopathy, but the walls of these vessels are very thin, due to which there is frequent bleeding from these vessels and blood gets collected on the retina of the eyes and can cause your vision to become blurred. A diabetic person should, therefore, get his or her eyes checked regularly at least twice a year.

Dr Sanjay Teotia

High blood pressure: A person suffering from high blood pressure may also experience blurred vision. Therefore, people with high BP must take their medicines regularly and be in frequent touch with their doctor.

Screen time: If you are the type of person who is always working or in the habit of looking constantly at your phone screen, then you too can sooner or later suffer from weak eyesight or blurred vision. To avoid this, a person working on computers should take a break from looking at the screen every half an hour and concentrate the vision on a far off object or distant thing for a minute to provide relief. Another recommended practice is to get up after every hour and take a walk or do stretching exercises for five minutes. The temperature of the room in which your computer is placed must be low and the screen of the computer must have an antiglare coating. The light in the room should be proper and find a nook in the room away from the direct blow of the air conditioner; take care that the airflow should not impact the eyes directly.

Restrict usage of your phone to the minimum, or at least take frequent breaks from staring at the screen as suggested earlier.

Migraine: This condition can cause severe headaches, as well as lead to other problems like weak eyesight or blurred vision. Sharp light can cause strain on the eyes and black spots may appear in your vision.

Brain stroke: This condition can also cause blindness or weak eyesight. It can blurr the vision and gradually, a person can become blind. So, a person who has had an incident of brain stroke should consult the specialist regularly, going forward.

Eye drops and other medication: Sudden blurring of vision could also be because of using certain eye drops, or because of taking medicines for depression, high blood pressure, allergies or for pain management. All these medicines eventually cause blurring of vision.

Sleep, stress and tension: If a person is not sleeping well and adequately, it may also cause blurred vision. Long periods of stress and tension can also eventually cause weak eyesight and blurred vision. It is advised that a person should take at least six hours sleep in a comfortable environment. In case of tension and stress, try and overcome it either by talking about your problems with someone close to you or by practices such as meditation and yoga. Do not ever think that you can ignore the cause or reason for your stress. Consult a psychologist or a psycho-therapist if you are losing sleep over your problems.

Also, avoid tobacco, cigarettes and weed smoking as a remedy to reduce stress or anxiety. Such practices can also harm the eyesight of a person.

Dr. Sanjay Teotia is an eye surgeon and is Senior Consultant, Balrampur Hospital, in Lucknow (U.P.) He is a prolific spiritual writer and his articles appear regularly in Navbharat Times and in Times of India, apart from YoursPositively                                 

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