By developing self-awareness, all of us can be useful contributors to “right energies” in our country and the universe, at large, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN

Creating the right energy around us is solely in our hands. But to achieve this there must be an intention and commitment. There must be an awareness within the “self” that we don’t have control on whatever happens externally, though we have complete control on whatever happens within us. This awareness and clarity alone creates the necessary intention and commitment.

In any discussions, either one-on-one or in a group, sometimes unwanted arguments occur. In mail, chat and social media, too, differences crop up.  To my mind, it seems strange that a few people try to instigate others and resort to unnecessary arguments, creating an “unpleasant situation” just to prove that their point of view alone is right.

After a great deal of study, I have concluded that all of our activities clearly fit into three zones.

Ramesh Rajaraman

1. The first is a “commitment” zone where one has to take control of the situation and drive the activities in that zone.

2. The second is a “must stay” zone for execution. However, someone else is accountable for execution of the task under the guidance of an expert in the field.

3. The third is not only a “non-commitment” zone but a time pass” zone as well. We do not lose anything even if there is no active participation in that zone.

In the commitment zone, if conflict and unwanted arguments happen, the accountable person needs to be a good moderator to take control of the situation and then arrive at a solution by understanding the views of other participants.  

In the second zone, where one has a role to execute the task based on the accountable person’s plan, the role is restricted only to execute the task assigned and not to cross the boundary line. If the boundary line is crossed it could result in unwanted communication, which may lead to an unpleasant situation. Hence in this zone, it is better to limit the communication or activities only to what is supposed to be executed and not to be a contributor to “unwanted “ energies.   

However, in a non-commitment zone, rather than allowing someone trying to prove that his viewpoint alone is a right one to have his say, it is better to avert a confrontation. There is no need to prove here who is right or who is wrong.

In such a case, it is better to take a pause, rather than allowing discussions to continue in an unpleasant way. The intellect and alertness in us should guide us where to stop, and when to move out;  this is possible only if there is an awareness within.   

This awareness will guide us whether the situation is pleasant or unpleasant. Depending on the zones, one should take a wise decision to be participative and productive or wisely retreat or take a pause, under adverse circumstances.

By understanding the three zones, all of us can be useful contributors to “right energies” in our country, and the universe, at large. This, in fact, should be developed into a habit. In other words, we should always spread the good word all around us. This, indeed, is an important part of practical spirituality.  

Ramesh Rajaraman with 40 years’ experience in Information Technology worked in leadership roles in top IT companies, and as CIO in a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai. A blogger and trainer, he loves music, trekking, travel and reading.

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