Saturday, December 3, 2022


Ramesh Rajaraman with 40 years’ experience in Information Technology worked in leadership roles in top IT companies, and as CIO in a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai. A blogger and trainer, he loves music, trekking, travel and reading.

post-Spread the Right Energies AroundSpread the Right Energies Around

By developing self-awareness, all of us can be useful contributors to “right energies” in our country and the universe, at large, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN Creating the right energy around us is solely in our hands. But to achieve this there...

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post-A Nine-Fold Path to Live in PeaceA Nine-Fold Path to Live in Peace

RAMESH RAJARAMAN suggests a simple but wise nine-fold path to live in peace Every person’s behaviour plays a key role in creating habits as well as energy fields. Over the years, the memory database build-up based on experiences, interpretations, knowledge...

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post-Patience: A Great CompanionPatience: A Great Companion

RAMESH RAJARAMAN urges us to embark on the path of patience ― a great companion and an ambassador of peace Many times in life we encounter situations when actions of an individual have  created havoc. The action may be intentional or...

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post-Thanking Our GurusThanking Our Gurus

Let us all thank the gurus in our lives, for without them we would have achieved nothing, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN Gurus or teachers play an important role in our lives from birth. They not only impart subject knowledge, but also play...

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post-Banishing Negativity: The Problem Management ApproachBanishing Negativity: The Problem Management Approach

The problem management approach is not only meant for machines but can be applied to human beings, too, in an endeavour to prevent unwanted, negative energies from invading our mind, intellect and spirit, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN In our IT framework, there...

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post-Pray with Love, Purity and DevotionPray with Love, Purity and Devotion

When there is trust and unconditional surrender to God and prayers emanate from purity, love and innocence, many miracles can happen both within us and in the environment and the world around us, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN Prayers express our feelings...

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post-Leadership and SpiritualityLeadership and Spirituality

It is not only important but essential for a good leader to believe in and implement acts of practical spirituality, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN Leadership applies not only to the workplace, but to every group where one has to lead a...

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post-Unity In DiversityUnity In Diversity

My 30-day trip across India when I was an engineering college student in 1977, was my first lesson in unity in diversity of our culturally and spiritually rich country, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN Travel is always a learning experience. Even though...

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post-Ram Rajya: Eternal Way of GovernanceRam Rajya: Eternal Way of Governance

Ram Rajya is a collective responsibility of the people as well as the rulers. Let us all imbibe Lord Ram’s qualities of good governance and join hands with the rulers, to successfully implement the values of our great country, says...

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