DR PUSHPA CHATURVEDI shares with readers her deep insights into what life is about and what it is not

Life Is About

Life is about sunsets and sunrises that each one of us has had

Some full of laughter and surprises

Some that made us oh! so sad.

Life is about memories of the past and smiles and tears of today

With thoughts of the coming future

Hoping to wash our fears away. 

Life is about accepting both its sides

Embracing the good and the bad

Knowing the truth that nothing lasts

Neither being glad nor being sad. 

Life is about loving someone special

Who means the whole world to you

Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi

And when snatched away by fate

You cry a bucket

Till life teaches you what to do.

Life is about learning to let go of the burden that weighs you down

For no one gets all that you swoon for.

Life is about gathering courage and hope when hit by an unexpected stroke

Then finding a new way to smile and say,

Oh! Life you can never break me. 

Life is about the child living in us

Even as we add years and grow old 

Life loves to be happy without a fuss

In small silly simple ways of its own.

Life is about the love and hugs

We need to feel secure and add joy to our lives

It’s about forgoing selfishness and greed

And helping lift others to smile and thrive. 

Life is about moving on with the waves

For fighting them makes your energy cave

Be like water; flow without resistance

 Enjoy the journey

 Don’t think of the destination. 

Life Is Not About

Life is not about freebie rides

For you are not passengers any more 

You are the crew

Who need to steer yourself

Towards the humanity shore. 

Life is not about receiving favours

You are not here to live a wasted life

You are here to contribute to world peace

And live free from strife.

Life is not about an enjoyable sport to be watched from a distance 

It’s about discovering your potential

By your hard work and persistence. 

Life is not about roses and smiles

To cry in pain, to cry in happiness 

Are signs of good health and not weakness

Crying cleans your soul to feel whole once again. 

Life is not about leaving the past behind

It’s about carrying past lessons

To help brighten your present to shine

For, past life experiences are hidden blessings.

Life is not about being ashamed of your past

It’s through your past journey that you paved your way

Accept its contribution and celebrate its connection

For making you the awesome person you are today. 

Life is not about dwelling on dreams and forgetting to live in the present

Dreams do motivate to keep up your pace

But be awake to the ‘now’ in all its content. 

Life is not about walking only on the earth

Occasionally have your head briefly in the clouds

Wonder, awe, magic and miracles still have a place

Let your imagination create what makes you proud. 

Life is not about getting all the answers at once

Often complicated questions have simple answers

Be calm, have patience and work step by step

For living with stress and worry is akin to cancer. 

Life is not about whether we can do it

It’s about whether we should or should not do it

We gather knowledge but to apply it with wisdom

We need to understand which ripples create drift. 

Life is not about forgetting others

Hurting them and putting yourself first

Life is walking together

And looking after each other

For actually we are all just walking each other home!

What life is about, and life is not about

It’s all about our mind reflections.

Both paintings used to illustrate this ode to life are by Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi

The author requests readers to contribute their understanding and perceptions of life

Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi, a paediatrician with over 50 years’ experience, is an educationist and researcher, with over 100 research publications, mainly on social paediatrics in renowned medical journals. Ex-Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, MGIMS Sevagram, Wardha, she is a thinker, writer, poet, artist and a spiritual blogger with over 500 blogs to her credit. Dr Chaturvedi is also a keen traveller, music and nature lover.

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