MAMTA SEHGAL feels and sees God in the wonders of his exquisite creations

The plants, the trees, the clouds and the winds,

the day, the night, the summer and the spring,

sitting in solitude I ponder, how you have created so many different wonders.

Given so many different greens to the leaves,

how you have created them in varied weaves,

how you have created beautiful flowers with many colours and given them fragrance.

When I see the wind caressing the leaves

and the leaves playfully swirling in the air, I think about you.

Mamta Sehgal

When I see birds sitting on the highest branches,

playfully talking to each other, I feel you.

When I see the sunlight changing the colours of the leaves,

I perceive you.

When I see different hues of blue in the sky,

I feel you.

When I see the clusters of clouds mingling with each other,

I experience you.

Each day all the things around me remind me of your omnipresence.

Oh! my saviour, take me in your arms,

And fill me with your colours like you do with your other creations,

Caress me and take me into oblivion,

To be closer to you and to merge in you.

A fashion academician and author of two books, ‘The Perennial Journey’ and ‘Rooh-e-Rumi, Mamta’, Mamta Sehgal is a regular columnist with leading dailies. She has spent over 20 years teaching, mentoring and partnering with leading academic institutions.  Now a full-time social entrepreneur, she and a friend have spearheaded ‘Joy Story Foundation’, a social venture.

(Featured Image: By Satish Kumar Periyasamy from Pixabay)