What does one do on waking up in the morning? Here are a few tips for a spiritual start to your day.

Read Something Uplifting

That’s what Sister Shivani of the Brahmakumaris advises. It makes sense too. Why read the newspapers that are always full of negative news? Instead read something morally uplifting. It will inspire you and set a positive tone for the day. 

Chant His name

Wake up daily before the sun rises to increase your happiness and prosperity. Worship a particular deity or whatever form of Supreme Being you believe in. Chant your deity’s name 11 times―that’s enough to connect with Him. As you connect with the Supreme Force and form a connection, an energy transformation is sure to take place. Your day begins on an auspicious note.

Blessings from elders

Three things go with you after the soul passes out of your body, daan, satya karm, and your elder’s blessings. So, take your elders’ blessings daily. This means that you should seek out your parents and take their blessings as you leave the house to go to school, college or office.

Daily daan

Then comes daan – and this can be in the form of just Rs 10 if that is all you can give away; spend half of it on a biscuit packet and give the rest in cash to someone who needs it. Giving aan daan (bhojan) and arth daan (money) is written in our scriptures, in Atharva Veda. Make this a daily habit.

Light a diya

At sunrise and before sunset, light a diya or an incense stick. If you are not at home, ask someone in the family to do this in front of your deity. This burns off negative energy in your environment.

Sweep away

Sweep your home twice a day, if possible. This is for prosperity. Also, always be well-dressed and take care of your appearance. In other words, you must be well-groomed, always. There is a belief in traditional Indian homes that in a house where people look after themselves, Lakshmi walks in herself to bestow people there with sukh, sampathi, kushali, and man ki shaanti.