Saturday, October 23, 2021


An offspring of two fauji doctors, Priya Khanna is now a full-time, stay-at-home fauji wife and mother to a teen terror and a gorgeous golden cocker spaniel. When she’s not reading, Priya Khanna is likely bingeing on a crime series on Netflix and reminiscing about the time when she was jetting all over the world for her work as an instructional designer with a Gurgaon MNC.

post-Army Blues: Where Living Apart is a Way of LifeArmy Blues: Where Living Apart is a Way of Life

PRIYA KHANNA, who grew up as an army kid eventually married an army man. She shares how the army wife copes with those long years of separation when her husband is posted at remote locations guarding the nation’s borders Being...

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post-Of Scattered Grain, Birds and MonkeysOf Scattered Grain, Birds and Monkeys

PRIYA KHANNA lives in a quiet Cantonment town in Uttarakhand. So far, the area has been relatively untouched by the pandemic. Of late, she has taken to feeding the birds in the area – a welcome diversion from the disturbing news...

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post-The Spirituality WithinThe Spirituality Within

PRIYA KHANNA grew up a Hindu, in an army family who followed the Arya Samaji faith. This is an account of her experiments in attempting to unearth the true meaning of spirituality As I have grown older, I have become...

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post-Flying to God’s AbodeFlying to God’s Abode

PRIYA KHANNA vividly captures the panoramic view of the majestic mountains during her first helicopter ride, which was all the more memorable because the destination was Kedarnath My husband doesn’t talk much, which is why he often manages to startle...

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post-Going With the FlowGoing With the Flow

After being a full-fledged working woman, PRIYA KHANNA gave up her job to raise her child, only to discover that having so much free time comes with its pluses and minuses Brought up by disciplined army doctor parents, I have...

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post-Lt Col M S Dhoni, the Silent ListenerLt Col M S Dhoni, the Silent Listener

When army officers and their wives met M S Dhoni on a duty call to Leh as part of his stint as an honorary army officer, he was extremely courteous and mostly silent, listening quietly while others spoke, says PRIYA...

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post-Our Spiritual DiscoveryOur Spiritual Discovery

An army officer’s wife and her daughter discover spirituality in mountainous Leh As an army officer’s wife, I have followed my husband on his assignments all over the country, but this is one posting that I will cherish forever, not...

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post-God helps those who help themselvesGod helps those who help themselves

Over the years, as an army child, I’ve lived in many homes in cities across the country. From all my experiences, one memory, in particular, remains etched in my mind, about when I helped nab some thieves. Well, it was...

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