Monday, October 2, 2023


post-Bring Ragi Back to the Dining TableBring Ragi Back to the Dining Table

Finger Millet, more commonly known as Ragi is a popular cooling cereal that the people of South India and many African countries eat. Till 1950, whole grains such as ragi, brown rice and barley were staples in India and were...

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post-It’s Open SesameIt’s Open Sesame

DEEPTI ANIL discloses the wonders of til, a treasure trove of nutrients and B vitamins Sesame seeds (til) are derived from the sesame plant, one of the oldest oilseed plants in the world. It is extremely resilient and can be...

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post-Increase Your Focus and ConcentrationIncrease Your Focus and Concentration

Nutrition and health expert, DEEPTI ANIL outlines the benefits of the simple Vajrasana, the one asana that can be done even after meals and which increases focus and concentration A wavering focus is one of the major causes for low...

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post-Amla is the New SuperfoodAmla is the New Superfood

The Indian gooseberry, better known as Amla is a wonder food laden with benefits, says nutritionist and health expert, DEEPTI ANIL Amla or Awla as it is known is widely consumed in India in various forms – raw, dried, candied or...

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post-Introduce Your Children to YogaIntroduce Your Children to Yoga

Children have had their lives altered drastically by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yoga can prove to be a useful aid to manage both the physical as well as the mental health of a child and can be a useful tool for...

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