If more and more people practise Reiki, perhaps we can live in a peaceful world where people will live in harmony, says Reiki Grandmaster AMAR KUMAR

The world is beautiful, and we are lucky to be a part of it. However, it is up to us how we harness the beauty and the positive energy that flows all around us. Reiki can help us channelise it within us transforming our bodies, minds and hearts.

The journey of life is unique for each of us. As we go through its twists and turns, it is only natural to sometimes pause and wonder why we are here. Is there a meaning or a purpose to our life? We seek answers to difficult questions that philosophers, poets, holy men and women have been grappling with since  ancient times. Often we turn to religion for answers.

Evolutionary social experts insist that religion naturally developed alongside human societies as a way to bind us in communities. It helped set up ethical and moral standards to help us live together in peace, cooperate and help one another, to ultimately increase our chances of survival as a species. Others believe it is a natural system of faith and connectedness with a higher being, who we turn to for guidance and support.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that religion is one of the strongest belief systems that has been around for thousands of years. No cricket loyalty, celebrity fan base, football club association and so on can come even close to generating the passion that religion can. It shapes our beliefs and influences our behaviour in a deep and profound way.

Amar Kumar

There are many religions today, with different customs, ideologies, rituals and gods, but they all share a common goal – to make us better human beings. The world needs people with positive attitudes, honesty, compassion, trust and kindness. Usually we can sense the energy around a person. An elevated person’s presence brings a positive impact on the people around. Imagine a society where more and more people fall in this category. It will mean an easier, more peaceful and happier coexistence for society as a whole.

There are many ways for this to happen, and Reiki is one of them. It can be a very powerful tool to bring change.

“Reiki” means “Universal Life Force Energy”. It is the highest form of energy around us, that sustains life. Yoga, meditation and other ancient practices talk about a similar cosmic energy. Reiki teaches us how to harness this energy within ourselves.

Our body is not only the physical body that we see. It is surrounded by an energy body called “‘aura”. Yoga also talks about the five sheaths around us, as does ancient Chinese wisdom. Recently with development of Kirilion photographic techniques, one’s aura can be seen through a camera and photos can be taken. Our aura has seven major energy chakras that allow the flow of Reiki or universal life force energy into our body system. If energy can flow in our body at good levels, then we are physically and mentally healthy. If there are blockages, we suffer. The blockages ultimately manifest themselves in physical ailments as well as mental issues.

The Seven Chakras and what each represents. Check out the thoughts that lead to blockages. To identify each chakra, see diagram below

In a Reiki workshop, the Reiki Master attunes or empowers the chakras to perform their natural task more efficiently. The attuned participants experience the effect of more energy flowing into their body system. Our palms often get warm and full of sensation. Everyone can feel it. This is not bound by any religion. Reiki practitioners come from all walks of life and belief systems. Receiving reiki is not intended to interfere with or change anyone’s spiritual or religious beliefs. And yet it is one of the most astonishing life changing experiences that one can go through. The five principles of Reiki  listed below help us move in the right direction.

1    Just for today I will be with an attitude of gratitude

2    Just for today I will not worry

3    Just for today I will not be angry

4    Just for today I will do my work honestly

5    Just for today I will show love and respect to all living beings

We need to remember these basic ideals, and live together in a world of peace and love. Reiki not only guides us, but also helps us channelise cosmic energy into ourselves.

An illustrated diagram showing the various chakras in the body

Perhaps religion is meant to facilitate social bonding. But it is sad that religion is now being used to divide and disturb social harmony. All religions teach us compassion and kindness, but now they are being used to instigate violence and hatred. It has become a tool for accumulating wealth and power, and is being used by politicians increasingly to manipulate people and their emotions. We need to find ways to manage anger and control our greed.

If we embrace Reiki and have more and more people practice it, perhaps we can live in a peaceful world where people will live together in harmony.


Amar Kumar is a  Reiki Grand Master based in Kolkata. For more details, visit www.reikikendra.com.

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Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay