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Amar Kumar is a Reiki Grand Master based in Kolkata.

post-The Bond Between Sports and SpiritualityThe Bond Between Sports and Spirituality

Sports enables us to attain a higher state. Swami Vivekananda said, “In kicking a ball or playing a game, you are much closer to the divine than you will ever be in prayer.”

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post-Reiki Promotes Religious & Communal HarmonyReiki Promotes Religious & Communal Harmony

If more and more people practise Reiki, perhaps we can live in a peaceful world where people will live in harmony, says Reiki Grandmaster AMAR KUMAR The world is beautiful, and we are lucky to be a part of it....

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post-Seven Notes and Seven ChakrasSeven Notes and Seven Chakras

Reiki Grandmaster AMAR KUMAR traces how music affects our moods and corresponds to our seven energy centres or chakras If there is one common language that binds all of mankind – it is music. The love for music is elemental. It...

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post-A Sure-Shot Formula for HappinessA Sure-Shot Formula for Happiness

Reiki Grandmaster AMAR KUMAR, drives home the truth of the statement – to be happy, focus on the positives, not on the negatives Aristotle once said, ‘happiness depends on ourselves’. But alas, most of us will agree that it is not so...

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post-Heal Your Mind To Cure Body AilmentsHeal Your Mind To Cure Body Ailments

        There have been many studies that link physical disorders with psychological disturbances. So what is the point in only treating the physical manifestation of the disease? Psychosomatic diseases need more than just medicine for the root cause is...

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post-Eat Healthy and Be ProductiveEat Healthy and Be Productive

Nine easy steps to eating healthy at work It is not easy. It never is. Eating healthy can be quite difficult especially at the workplace when you are already burdened with long hours, marathon meetings and hectic schedules. Food can...

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post-The Wonders of WaterThe Wonders of Water

The writer advocates a Japanese practise of drinking 1.26 litres of water first thing in the morning Water is what makes life possible on earth. Just as a delicate balance needs to be maintained between earth and water on Planet...

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post-Reiki in the Time Of Covid-19Reiki in the Time Of Covid-19

Who would have thought that life would change so dramatically? It has been over two months that we have been locked up in our homes, cooking, cleaning, working from home, cut off from our friends and in some cases, even...

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