SEEMA SAXENA reveals secrets to defuse time bomb-like situations in our lives

Isn’t this an unsuitable subject for an article on a website that promotes positivity? Not at all. Are you not aware of the clock always ticking and an awaited explosion … boom! Right in your face!  No? Well … think again about various crises in your life and your unfinished projects. Are you not tense when you are behind schedule and fear that you will not meet your targets on time?

Hey, the clock is ticking and you need to repay the loan. Guests are arriving in an hour’s time and you are sweating with exasperation realising that the food menu is haywire and you haven’t stocked enough on drinks and refreshments. 

Your presentation before the business head and other senior managers is due early in the morning in an online conference; it’s past midnight, but you don’t seem to be getting things right for the presentation. You are the boss and interviews are to be conducted for filling in crucial posts, but you can’t spot the right talent for the jobs in the profiles of the candidates.

Seema Saxena

Tests are to be given, examinations are to be passed … but preparations for them are lacking. There are so many time bombs ticking right in front of so many faces. It’s a miracle that we survive them.

But can we avoid these time bombs? Time will not stop, but we need to defuse these time bombs before they explode.

But how? We neither belong to the cadre of bomb disposal squads nor are we trained to detonate these constantly ticking random bombs, planted everywhere around us by unknown sources, which if not defused on time will take our peace, if not, our life away.

Defusing these time bomb-like situations needs a strategy. Here are some suggestions:

1. First and foremost is to calculate the time left with you once the time bomb starts ticking. If you know the time in hand, you may come up with ideas. Prioritising your actions is a must. If you know which one needs immediate and urgent action, half the battle is won against time.

2. Planning is very essential for every action. Each and every action of yours needs to be organised. Always have some spare time hidden up your sleeve to address troubles which may crop up. You are ready for the meeting, but then realise the documents are not arranged properly. This little error on your part is enough to spoil the sweet fruit of your hard work.

3. Doing something the first time? Be very careful, for there is the possibility of the bomb exploding, since you have no experience on the issue. Unless, of course, you have made a proper study of the work in hand. Research is extremely important.

4. We have to run our prototype models beforehand before we finally launch a project. Going through all the steps one by one is extremely important. A note has to be made of various steps.

5. First time right ― if you want success, you need to do things right at the very first attempt, itself. That requires a lot of preparation. Practice beforehand. A lot of time and energy can be saved if we avoid minor mistakes. Checking and rechecking always helps.

6. Sometimes it is important to have a critical evaluation by others. We may think ours is the best plan, but an experienced, objective person is in a position to tell you better. 

7. Awareness is another inbuilt strategy, which will not fail you in troubled times. If you are the kind of person who is aware of the surroundings, you have a good chance of success.

Stay calm during a crisis

8. Confidence is good. But overconfidence will make you fall flat on the ground. Hence, always be aware of the ground reality.

9. To be positive is a good attitude, but then we should be able to deal with the negatives, too. So think of all that which can go wrong, too, and make arrangements to take corrective measures.

10. Success is possible,  but only when you make a schedule and follow it strictly. You need to be disciplined. Never go overboard. Remember, you cannot defuse too many bombs exploding one after the another. Make sure to maintain a simple and easy routine, which can be followed daily. And make it a rule to finish your tasks daily. Whatever is left to be completed, make a note of it and complete it as early as possible. There is no room for procrastination.

11. Entertainment is important. Even if the bombs are ticking, life is meant to be enjoyed. Whenever you have a moment to spare, enjoy. If you remain tense, chances are things will go in the wrong direction. Staying calm helps us to deal with problems wisely. Intelligence takes a backseat when the mind is anxious. 

Seema Saxena is a B.Sc in microbiology, and also a B.Ed. She was brought up and educated in Mumbai. Seema is an avid writer and blogger who writes about practicality and spirituality in life. She is settled in Jaipur.

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