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Seema Saxena is a B.Sc in microbiology, and also a B.Ed. She was brought up and educated in Mumbai. Seema is an avid writer and blogger who writes about practicality and spirituality in life. She is now settled in Jaipur.

post-Ending Religious Conflicts with a Visionary OutlookEnding Religious Conflicts with a Visionary Outlook

Analysing the reasons for religious conflicts, SEEMA SAXENA suggests that we must cease arguing with others’ religious beliefs right away; she cautions that mixing politics and religion is sure to bring some serious consequences All over the world, conflict is...

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post-Multifaceted Modern Indian WomenMultifaceted Modern Indian Women

Modern Indian women are breaking the shackles. But are they really doing so, asks SEEMA SAXENA In the metros and major cosmopolitan cities,  some women, undoubtedly, get opportunities to use their talents and develop wings to soar high in the sky....

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post-Acid Attack Victims Need Love and CompassionAcid Attack Victims Need Love and Compassion

The biggest hindrance in Indian society to dealing with crimes like acid attacks is how we interpret the law of Karma. Erroneously, we believe acid attacks to be the effect of the victims’ karma.  Acid attack victims need love and...

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post-Sustaining Communal Harmony in IndiaSustaining Communal Harmony in India

Religious leaders in the country need to bury their differences and make sincere efforts to ensure that religious coexistence and communal harmony sustains in India, says SEEMA SAXENA India is a country which is both ancient and modern in its...

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post-Eleven Ways to Defuse Time Bombs in LifeEleven Ways to Defuse Time Bombs in Life

SEEMA SAXENA reveals secrets to defuse time bomb-like situations in our lives Isn’t this an unsuitable subject for an article on a website that promotes positivity? Not at all. Are you not aware of the clock always ticking and an awaited...

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post-Deep Within, We are in a State of BlissDeep Within, We are in a State of Bliss

If only we knew our real self, we would look at life differently, says SEEMA SAXENA When we look analytically into life, we cannot deny there is a supreme power working through all of us. This power is very much within...

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post-Why I Believe In GodWhy I Believe In God

Not to believe in God or a Creator is like believing that life can be artificially manifested, says SEEMA SAXENA We humans have the power to think, to contemplate and that is how we become better day by day and from...

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post-Covid-19 Lesson: How to Stay Calm and PositiveCovid-19 Lesson: How to Stay Calm and Positive

The Covid-19 attack on our home members was like a blessing in disguise, for, it has taught us the important lesson of how to stay together and to be calm and positive in the midst of a crisis, says SEEMA...

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post-My Leap of FaithMy Leap of Faith

You must have heard of the ‘leap of faith’. I want to tell you how I took mine. In our material world nothing happens without a cause. It is not easy for us to take a leap of faith. And generally...

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