Over the last 10 to 15 years, depressive states have imprisoned a lot of people, including children, teenagers, women and men, married or single. They find it extremely difficult to find their way out through the gathering thick clouds of despondency and frustration, not having recognised it as such in its early stages. Insomnia, mood swings and changing behavioural patterns are just some of the outward expressions. In many cases, Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT has been found to be extremely useful and are used globally to help alleviate such states of mind. Substance abuse, and addictions of any sort can maximize depression

Kaity Cama

This mind ailment can come to any body type be it Vata-dominated, Pitta-dominated or Kapha-dominated. Emotional Freedom Techniques are very popular and used by many, but they do not work for everybody. And many do not want to take their depressive state of mind to the doctors for fear of being labelled ‘mentally unwell’. So how does one deal with it?

In researching a wide cross-section of such personalities, I have discovered one common factor. Just one. And though this common factor’s outward expressions are many, the factor has always been identical with men, women and children, including teenagers. And that common factor is the lack of Faith. 

Faith has never been part and parcel of their upbringing. I do not mean religious faith. The word “Faith” has different connotations for different people, and the word is used here to mean that profoundly unshakeable knowingness within of their Source, their purpose in this journey of material life. This writer has also discovered that when brought up by parents who really understand their own religious beliefs and inculcate those beliefs in their children, rather than just repeating the prayers without knowing what is being said, why it is being said to whom it is being said – such families are extremely functional, happier than others, stronger emotionally when things do not go the way they had planned.

Given here is just one of the emotional freedom techniques which are being practised globally today. You can find them on Youtube too. The simplest way would be for a mature person to form a cottage group of a few depressed people (who have not yet reached the violent stages). Then through Facebook, each person has to write down daily just three things that made them happy and why those things made them happy. It could be as simple a statement as “My husband made me a cup of tea today, and I felt happy because I felt that he cared.”  

Time to Break Free

The all-pervading, all permeating Spirit gives us (because of our Free Will to choose consciously or unconsciously) that which we think of. In other words, it is the Law of Attraction constantly at work in our lives.

Spirit is joy, Spirit is love, kindness, compassion.  

I do not consider depressed people as mentally unwell. But I do recognise at the same time that we are all different manifestations of that same One Being, and people who go through severe or even mild depression always feel isolated and abandoned. Meditation does shatter that illusion of being isolated and abandoned. If prayer is our communing with the Supreme Intelligence, meditation is metaphorically laying our heads upon the lap of this Being and sensing and feeling Its Presence, much as a child would get comfort from laying his or her head on the mother’s lap and being comforted by her.

Depression is never to be welcomed in our minds and thoughts; there is always, always and always a spiritual solution for any and every mundane material life issue.

Helping people get out of depressive states of thought patterns is part of practical spirituality. 

Dr Kaity Cama has been a healer since childhood. She is a motivational speaker, combining the precepts of practical spirituality with the current trends of marketing strategies. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, graduate of Silva Methods and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

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