DR SANJAY TEOTIA explains what the concept of spirituality means to different people

Spiritual awareness eventually unveils an extraordinary state of mind that goes far beyond the self with its limited superficial understanding. To reach spiritual awareness, we must learn to transcend our five sensory organs and understand that true spiritual awareness is a lot deeper than the thoughts, emotions or perceptions we form of things around us.

Spirituality refers to that relationship between God and man that can be summed up under the following four headings: Holiness, Gift of the spirit, Life in the spirit and Discipline of the spirit.

God, the Supreme or Ultimate Reality is a being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness worshipped across religions – whether Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism as creator and ruler of the universe. The concept of God evolved over the ages throughout every period in history.

Theologians in every religion taught that God created the universe. Shamans, healers, sages and wisdom keepers of all times in different ages and continents had a common concept of spirituality – that implied that human spirituality is composed of three aspects: relationships, values and life purpose.

Spirituality makes a person God-aware and sincere. Inner peace follows awareness. When one contemplates a life of spirituality, the primary point of entry into spiritual realms is through heightened awareness. Once this is in place, one begins to notice beneficial changes in one’s lives. Spiritual needs can include the need for meaning and purpose in our lives, the need to love and feel loved, and the need to feel a sense of belonging.

Dr Sanjay Teotia

Sincerity and spirituality are of utmost importance in our day-to-day life. Humans can only be successful when their lives are founded on truth. For those walking a spiritual path, they automatically begin believing in a Higher Power and become sincere, hard-working and God-fearing.

Many struggle with the idea of being sincere. One can begin by being honest. For those with a sense of inherent goodness, being honest comes naturally, but others may have to consciously work towards it. When one reaches the stage of being totally honest, then our lives have meaning and significance.

Most people tend to criticise the imperfections and limitations of others, while people who have taken to spirituality are sincere. Not only will such a person not criticise the imperfection of others, but he or she will be fully aware of the shortcomings within his or her own character and constantly try to overcome them.

Broadly speaking, spiritual awareness is the consciousness of spiritual matters, but when one tries to explain the term to others, they find the explanation vague. And that is because spirituality is different to different people. For some, it is a connection to one’s own soul and to others.

A spiritual person is never comfortable speaking ill of others or spreading gossip about them. Spiritual people mind their own business and focus on their own path while accepting others just as they are. They honour other people’s life experience by neither passing judgment on them or criticizing them. They live in conscious awareness of God’s presence and not a day goes by without them expressing gratitude to the Supreme for the blessings they have in their life.

Dr. Sanjay Teotia is Joint Director, Medical & Health, Lucknow. He is a prolific spiritual writer and his articles appear regularly in Navbharat Times and in Times of India, apart from YoursPositively

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