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Renu Gulati is a lawyer from the UK and holds an MSc in Ayurveda from London since 2006. Based in Rishikesh, she consults, teaches and writes in the field of Ayurveda internationally.

post-Are You a Victim of Toxic Positivity?Are You a Victim of Toxic Positivity?

If you are ill or something goes wrong, it is better to embrace your negative emotions rather than pretending to be ‘positive’, says RENU GULATI The internet world of social media that we live in today where thinking positively about...

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post-Learning to Change With the TimesLearning to Change With the Times

While it is good to live with the values learnt in your childhood, sometimes you have to break free, says RENU GULATI All of us are bound by rules and regulations we acquire from our family, society, culture and environment....

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post-The Purpose of Women’s DayThe Purpose of Women’s Day

RENU GULATI, who runs Stree, a women’s empowerment organisation in Rishikesh examines what International Women’s Day means UNESCO states, “The first National Woman’s Day was observed in the United States on February 28 1909, which the Socialist Party of America dedicated...

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post-Can Anger Ever be Healthy?Can Anger Ever be Healthy?

RENU GULATI analyses the negative emotion of anger, yet acknowledges that sometimes it is necessary to vent out Many of us give vent to our anger. It is described as a truly negative emotion which not only disturbs the mind...

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post-Rejuvenate Yourself with an Ayurveda MassageRejuvenate Yourself with an Ayurveda Massage

Many people dismiss Ayurveda as a hoary old science of jari-bhooti practised by jhola-chaap doctors in India. But it has a firm scientific basis, says RENU GULATI, a teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda Ayurveda is a unique holistic system of...

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post-Foods that Never Agree With the BodyFoods that Never Agree With the Body

Ayurveda outlines which foods are to be eaten together and which ones cause trouble for your digestive system, says RENU GULATI  Many stomach-related ailments begin with combining the wrong foods that were never meant to be eaten together. Ayurveda believes...

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post-We Need to Follow the Religion of LoveWe Need to Follow the Religion of Love

What is more important, rituals and practises of a religion or ahimsa, love and nonviolence that true spirituality implies? RENU GULATI analyses Do monks really have to wear robes? Does religion really have to be institutionalised? Do mantras or chants really have...

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post-Lockdowns Needn’t Be BoringLockdowns Needn’t Be Boring

RENU GULATI, a practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda tells you how to transform negativity into positivity What does the word ‘boredom’ mean to you? A colleague once described it as a positive state as it is relatively free of adrenalin....

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post-East Vs WestEast Vs West

At one time, the East was pure, although chaotic. But over the years, things have changed, says RENU GULATI as she traces the gradual decline in human values I have travelled across much of south east Asia and the middle East as...

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