Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Renu Gulati is a lawyer from the UK and holds an MSc in Ayurveda from London since 2006. Based in Rishikesh, she consults, teaches and writes in the field of Ayurveda internationally.

post-Lockdowns Needn’t Be BoringLockdowns Needn’t Be Boring

RENU GULATI, a practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda tells you how to transform negativity into positivity What does the word ‘boredom’ mean to you? A colleague once described it as a positive state as it is relatively free of adrenalin....

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post-East Vs WestEast Vs West

At one time, the East was pure, although chaotic. But over the years, things have changed, says RENU GULATI as she traces the gradual decline in human values I have travelled across much of south east Asia and the middle East as...

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post-Is a Sustainable Lifestyle Really Possible?Is a Sustainable Lifestyle Really Possible?

RENU GULATI, a teacher of Ayurveda, works with women’s groups in Rishikesh. She analyses whether our lifestyle can be 100 per cent sustainable in this day and age I run a women’s empowerment group and sustainability organisation in Rishikesh and...

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post-How To Overcome LonelinessHow To Overcome Loneliness

Ayurveda writer and teacher RENU GULATI gives us some practical tips on conquering loneliness Loneliness is a major factor in disease and death. It can even drive one to suicide, psycho-emotional diseases and premature death. Look at how many people...

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post-The Virtues of AhimsaThe Virtues of Ahimsa

Once there is self-respect, coupled with respect for all that exists, peace will follow and take root in the world, resulting in an end to violence, says RENU GULATI The word ahimsa translated as non-violence is bandied about a lot....

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post-Be Interconnected, Not Co-DependentBe Interconnected, Not Co-Dependent

Hold on to your sense of self in any relationship, however intimate, cautions RENU GULATI We are all interconnected; the world operates as one ecosystem and we all depend on each other for the smooth operation of a holistic universe. Dependence, however...

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post-Present the Best Version of YourselfPresent the Best Version of Yourself

Maintain positivity in front of others, while working out your negative issues in the background, because it is important to work for the greater good of the whole, which is a belief supported by Ayurveda as well, says RENU GULATI...

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post-The Nine Nights Of The Divine MotherThe Nine Nights Of The Divine Mother

A celebration of the divine feminine energy, Durga, takes place twice a year, says RENU GULATI For most people, the Navaratras symbolise fasting, going to the Goddess’ temples and other ritualistic practices. For me, it also signifies a deeper connection...

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post-Sanatan Dharma Can Help End RacismSanatan Dharma Can Help End Racism

Sanatan Dharma can be followed by the world to end racism, says RENU GULATI I am of Indian Origin, born and bred in the UK, but I now live in India. I have seen racism in my own life. No nationality seems...

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