Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Renu Gulati is a lawyer from the UK and holds an MSc in Ayurveda from London since 2006. Based in Rishikesh, she consults, teaches and writes in the field of Ayurveda internationally.

post-Be Interconnected, Not Co-DependentBe Interconnected, Not Co-Dependent

Hold on to your sense of self in any relationship, however intimate, cautions RENU GULATI We are all interconnected; the world operates as one ecosystem and we all depend on each other for the smooth operation of a holistic universe. Dependence, however...

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post-Present the Best Version of YourselfPresent the Best Version of Yourself

Maintain positivity in front of others, while working out your negative issues in the background, because it is important to work for the greater good of the whole, which is a belief supported by Ayurveda as well, says RENU GULATI...

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post-The Nine Nights Of The Divine MotherThe Nine Nights Of The Divine Mother

A celebration of the divine feminine energy, Durga, takes place twice a year, says RENU GULATI For most people, the Navaratras symbolise fasting, going to the Goddess’ temples and other ritualistic practices. For me, it also signifies a deeper connection...

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post-Sanatan Dharma Can Help End RacismSanatan Dharma Can Help End Racism

Sanatan Dharma can be followed by the world to end racism, says RENU GULATI I am of Indian Origin, born and bred in the UK, but I now live in India. I have seen racism in my own life. No nationality seems...

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post-Rishikesh: Where The Ganga Flows OnRishikesh: Where The Ganga Flows On

Rishikesh is the abode of the Rishis (sages) and has been ever since time immemorial. I first came here from the UK back in the ‘80s at a time when it was like a jungle. We stayed at the government...

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post-Let’s Return To Real YogaLet’s Return To Real Yoga

Let’s end non-Indian organisations’ near monopoly of giving accreditation to yoga schools and restore the concept of unity which yoga teaches us, says RENU GULATI Most yoga schools are turning to non-Indian organisations for accreditation. These organisations charge high fees...

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post-Wishing Everlasting Peace For Our AncestorsWishing Everlasting Peace For Our Ancestors

Shraadh, a period observed for the everlasting peace of our ancestors began this year on September 1 and will end on September 17. We carry the genes of our ancestors and their attributes and by worshipping them we bring out...

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post-Let’s Blend Our Rich Heritage with Modern SystemsLet’s Blend Our Rich Heritage with Modern Systems

We fought British colonialism valiantly and ended their rule on August 15, 1947. But the vestiges of the Raj continue to haunt some of us in our thinking and more so in our education system. There was so much of...

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post-Your Marriage Should be Based on DharmaYour Marriage Should be Based on Dharma

We all think about love and use the word regularly. But what does the word actually mean? We say ‘falling in love’, but perhaps we must amend that to ‘rising in love’. Love to me is a state of freedom...

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