RAMESH RAJARAMAN suggests a simple but wise nine-fold path to live in peace

Every person’s behaviour plays a key role in creating habits as well as energy fields. Over the years, the memory database build-up based on experiences, interpretations, knowledge and understanding is huge.

Whenever the mind wills, data is retrieved. This data is put to use either wisely or to create a new situation depending on the mind’s thought process. The thinking process creates either a powerful energy field or an unwanted one.

In order to ensure equanimity in our life, it is therefore important to be clear in our approach to situations, which should be based on right basic parameters. What follows are nine simple suggestions for a structured, proper approach to deal with life’s issues:  

Ramesh Rajaraman

1. Past experiences control most of our thoughts, whether good or bad. Sometimes past experiences instead of being an enabler of learning, lead to conflicts both within and with the outside world. Hence, it is important to “make peace with your past, so that it doesn’t mess up your present.

2. All our actions should be executed only out of conviction and never to please others or to seek the appreciation of people. Always strive for quality, evolve workable guidelines, and most importantly, be ethical.

3. Remember that time heals everything. It is true that disappointments and upsets hurt us a lot. But for how long we wallow in pity and hold on to the hurt within us is entirely our choice. So, it’s best to try and shorten our period of pain or agony.

4. Stop thinking too much. There’s no need to think about our problems all the while, as this doesn’t help in solving them.

5. Don’t compare your life with others. Each person has his or her own journey, which needs an effective and planned strategy. Every individual has authority only in one’s committed zone for them to work and act. This individual is not only responsible for his action but also should bear the onus of the outcome.

6. No one is charge of your happiness, except you. Decide how to be happy and this is possible only if happiness is not linked with any external actions or incidents not in one’s control. Happiness is more likely to come from within yourself.

7. How you view an incident depends on your knowledge, experience, and association with others. It is not necessary that the views would be same for all the people for the same incident.  Therefore, the wise approach would be to be willing to keep an open mind and understand the views of others, rather than think that only you are right.

8. Smile. Let your smile be your identity. We do not own all the problems of the world. The visibility to the outside world of our mind and soul are only through our physical form ― let there be a positive and powerful radiation to the outside world through our smile.

9. Last but not the least, one should be committed to be in peace ― to live wisely. This commitment alone will guide us in adopting the right strategies for all our actions. 

Ramesh Rajaraman with 40 years’ experience in Information Technology worked in leadership roles in top IT companies, and as CIO in a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai. A blogger and trainer, he loves music, trekking, travel and reading.

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