The problem management approach is not only meant for machines but can be applied to human beings, too, in an endeavour to prevent unwanted, negative energies from invading our mind, intellect and spirit, says RAMESH RAJARAMAN

In our IT framework, there are a good number of processes to ensure effective quality service delivery to users. Frequent review meetings help in understanding the effectiveness of the process at any point of time.  

Among all the processes, the two important ones are Incident Management and Problem Management. Whenever any program doesn’t work or if there are any network or server failures, these are classified as “Incidents” and how one  works on the resolution is “Incident Management.”

 When fixing the problems, depending on the type, there could be a “temporary fix”   or a “permanent fix”. If there is difficulty in arriving at a permanent fix, a work around solution would be given to minimise the outage. “Incident Management” is the one  where the issue is resolved and the users are allowed to work irrespective of a temporary or a permanent fix.

Ramesh Rajaraman

If it is a temporary fix, there could be possibilities of the problem getting repeated again. To ensure the problems are not repeated again, a “Problem Management”  approach would be initiated  to work out a permanent solution.

When so much of importance is given to evolving a permanent fix for systems, applications and machines, is it not important to have such a quality process for us, human beings, whose life is much more  precious?

In our life, when we get into negative moods such as anger, frustration, or depression, how many of us are open to address the issues instead of justifying the reasons for  our negative emotions? Considering that we are ready to address the problem immediately in case of a systems or equipment breakdown, shouldn’t we have the same urgent approach to our negativity?

Is our lackadaisical attitude on account of our being unaware that an issue has arisen because of our rigidity and inability to look beyond the physical realm or understand the “Emotional Quotient” of an individual?. 

One should be aware of all type of issues in all the zones of life, which include physical, emotional, and intellectual. When one gets into a negative mood due to any unwanted thoughts or external events, there must be an awareness that there is something wrong within.  Only if such awareness exists, one will be open to remedial measures like counselling, which helps in minimising the negative impact and slowly removing the negative energies from within.

Working out a Problem Management Approach to prevent negative energies

However, if such negative energies were reduced only temporarily, there’s a possibility of their recurrence. Hence, it is essential to identify the root cause of such negativity in order to eliminate it totally. 

When we take a problem management approach seriously for machines just because the employees are paid a huge sum as salary with defined Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), why can’t we adopt this same approach in our life? Isn’t our life and soul more worthier than those machines? In the same way when one is ready to take the problem management approach for any physical ailment, why not for emotions?

Many try to justify such negative emotions by getting into a defensive mode. One should be aware that negative emotions are detrimental to a healthy body, mind and spirit. However, the first step in curbing negativity is awareness and commitment to not allow them to hold sway over one’s mind and intellect.

After establishing this awareness and commitment within ourselves, we can consolidate these gains with constant practice through meditation and cultivating a “no reactive approach” in the inner core of our being. Over a period of time, it is thus possible to eliminate unwanted, negative energies.

Even when such energies are triggered by incidents outside and beyond our control, it is not difficult to identify the root cause. When the root cause is identified, an effective process can be worked out to ensure that negative energies  are blocked from entering into our system or psyche. 

To sum up, the problem management approach is not only meant for machines and materialistic objects but can be applied to human beings, too. Such an approach can lead to the development of a powerful mindset, which will prevent unwanted, negative energies from invading us ― our mind, intellect and spirit. Then, we will be able to handle day-to-day living easily and wisely.

Ramesh Rajaraman with 40 years’ experience in Information Technology worked in leadership roles in top IT companies, and as CIO in a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai. A blogger and trainer, he loves music, trekking, travel and reading.

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