Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Nona Walia is a Lifestyle Journalist and Wellness Blogger. She runs her Wellness Channel on YouTube.

post-To Your Powerful New Future SelfTo Your Powerful New Future Self

Owning your future self can take you on to a happier, higher path, says NONA WALIA We are work in progress. The person you are right now is temporary. Take a moment to imagine who you will be in 10...

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post-Underreacting: the New Powerful MantraUnderreacting: the New Powerful Mantra

In a world of outrage, you could overreact, misreact or underreact. NONA WALIA analyses underreacting, the new skill to be cultivated when everyone else overreacts   On social media, daily outrage is the new trend. Everyone is in a constant...

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post-The New Age of Japanese Self-help TechniquesThe New Age of Japanese Self-help Techniques

From Ikigai to Wabi-sabi, Kaizen to Power of Chowa, KonMari to Ichigo Ichie, Japanese wellness concepts are re-teaching skills to the world on how to live well, says NONA WALIA  In the world of wellness, Japanese secrets of well-being are...

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post-How to Work on Your Winter Spirit!How to Work on Your Winter Spirit!

This is the best time to start working on your winter spirit. Nourish it now to help it radiate and glow through the darkness of winter, says NONA WALIA Winter slows down our energy. The dark, cold months bring sadness...

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post-Manifesting: The Biggest Trend in Wellbeing!Manifesting: The Biggest Trend in Wellbeing!

The big comeback of the Manifestation trend on TikTok and Instagram is a sign of collective healing from pandemic trauma, says NONA WALIA, adding, to manifest is to simply create ‘the culture of magic’ in your life The word ‘Manifest’...

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post-The Rise of New SpiritualityThe Rise of New Spirituality

Your spiritual diet is crucial to your well-being, says NONA WALIA A wave of new spirituality trends have emerged in the post pandemic period this year. Full moon meditations, astrology diets, kirtan chants, chakra bathing, manifestation parties and crystal baths,...

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post-The Art of Mental ToughnessThe Art of Mental Toughness

The big secret of mastering Mental Toughness is to thrive, and not just survive when the tide is against you. It means that whatever happens, you should strive to grow, not simply be a cork floating on a stream, says NONA...

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post-What The Pandemic Taught Us About TimeWhat The Pandemic Taught Us About Time

We have learned to pursue experiences and savour pleasures, says NONA WALIA With people working from home and social life at almost zero, time has slowed down in these last few months. Suddenly, we are ‘Time Affluent’ with abundant time...

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post-New Wellness Trends Centre Around SimplicityNew Wellness Trends Centre Around Simplicity

We will be probably wearing masks for a long time to come. We are also now getting used to walking with a mask in malls and restaurants. Today, the one thing on everyone’s mind from the consumer to the CEO...

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