Saturday, March 6, 2021


Nona Walia is a Lifestyle Journalist and Wellness Blogger. She runs her Wellness Channel on YouTube.

post-What The Pandemic Taught Us About TimeWhat The Pandemic Taught Us About Time

We have learned to pursue experiences and savour pleasures, says NONA WALIA With people working from home and social life at almost zero, time has slowed down in these last few months. Suddenly, we are ‘Time Affluent’ with abundant time...

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post-New Wellness Trends Centre Around SimplicityNew Wellness Trends Centre Around Simplicity

We will be probably wearing masks for a long time to come. We are also now getting used to walking with a mask in malls and restaurants. Today, the one thing on everyone’s mind from the consumer to the CEO...

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post-Online Social Rituals in Covid TimesOnline Social Rituals in Covid Times

Social rituals help us to share both our joys and sorrows and build bonds of togetherness. In these Covid times, online rituals have taken their place, which don’t seem to be the real thing.  Till we go back to the...

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post-Bliss in Covid TimesBliss in Covid Times

In lockdown mode, transform yourself into a blissologist and banish the blues Are you in control of your emotions? In a lockdown, it’s easy to be on the edge. One minute, you could have been in a good mood because...

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