Your spiritual diet is crucial to your well-being, says NONA WALIA

A wave of new spirituality trends have emerged in the post pandemic period this year. Full moon meditations, astrology diets, kirtan chants, chakra bathing, manifestation parties and crystal baths, all new age spirituality techniques for healing are on the rise. But is it a new path of self-discovery, healing or fluff?  

Covid chaos has seen a surge in demand for alt healing. From rose quartz to amethyst, the popularity of crystal healing is skyrocketing. The #crystaltok trend on TikTok that had people showing off their semi-precious stones had two billion views. Singer Adele held a crystal while singing to help her get over her stage fright a few years ago. Alternative spiritual wellbeing is real and here to stay, especially among Gen Z and millennials. In Delhi, Vesna Jacob’s Sound Meditation is a hit, as she uses Tibetan bowls and drum sounds in her full moon meditations. Says Vesna, “People are looking for calm spaces and sound healing therapy in full moon. The echoes of sound slowly heal the mind’s chaotic sounds. Energetically speaking, Full Moon is the most potent of all Moon phases. Full Moon is a great diminisher as well as a great amplifier. This is the time to focus your intention on healing energies and all of that you wish more of in your life as well as to let go of those energies which no longer serve any purpose. Sound healing is a great modality to make meditation and intention setting go to deeper levels and to facilitate healing, while harmonising and destressing mind and body.”

Nona Walia

This year, Pinterest has seen a 90 per cent rise in searches for ‘full moon bath ritual’. The rise of tarot as energy readings or meditation cards is also on the rise. Nutrition experts are giving diets based on spiritual well-being to heal specific chakras and blocks. Says spiritual coach Namita Vadehra, “This is a time when people are desperately looking for hope to uplift themselves. Everyone wants to be reassured that things will become better soon. These micro spiritual practices woven in our daily lives bring wisdom.”

The business of new spirituality is booming. From  aromatherapy oils and candles, crystals, astrology and psychology books, people are willing to do anything to feel better. Says Dubai-based life coach and astrologer, Sandeep Bhargava, “There’s an urgent need to heal traumas. Anything that makes you feel lighter, people are willing to try. This interest in new spiritual movement is popular with the young. Everyone has had losses; new spirituality makes you feel in charge of your own healing. Mystic spiritual healers are simply trying to bring you some solace.”

People are trying online meditation, crystal healing, emotional management and herb magic. From burning candles, mindful praying or healing, people are personalising their spirituality like never before.

Here are Six ways for spiritual wellness that you can try:

Tap into your spiritual core

By exploring your spiritual core, you are simply asking yourself questions about the path of your spiritual practice.

Look for depth

Your spiritual practice should give you meaning and wisdom. It should show you light and endless hope. Being aware of this can help you achieve a happy life.

Redefine what spirituality means

A recent Pew Research indicates that there’s a rise in ‘New Age Beliefs’ in spirituality. People are willing to try out anything that soothes their anxiety. Do a self-check on what gives you peacefulness.

Spiritual wellness for inner strength

When we strengthen our spiritual wellness, we strengthen our relationship with everything. We can breathe positivity into spaces we occupy as well as impact our lives in a way that supports our life purpose and values.

Practice spiritual fitness

Everyone must keep checking their spiritual fitness levels. Are you spiritually drained or spiritually fit? Forest bathing is a great way to increase your spiritual fitness. Find your rituals.

Power up your prayers

Nothing beats strong prayers. Incorporate prayers in your daily routine: You can use your faith to support your connection with the Divine.

Nona Walia is a successful journalist and writer, who is also a motivational expert, passionate about helping people to live their best life. She likes to describe herself both as a Wellness Warrior and Wellness Blogger, who has done a certified online course on the ‘Science of Well-Being’ from Yale University. Nona Walia runs her own Wellness Channel on Youtube. She has worked with the Times of India for 24 years as Senior Assistant Editor. She is also an author for Thrive Global. She is the author of The Art of Mental Toughness.

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