Saturday, January 16, 2021


post-Crying is So HumanCrying is So Human

Look at the positive side of crying; it makes you feel so very human and wanted, says MOHUA CHINAPPA A guy friend once complimented me for looking “pretty” while I cried. As the tears of grief flowed non-stop, I was...

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post-Ma’s Magical Durga PujaMa’s Magical Durga Puja

MOHUA CHINAPPA yearns for the fragrance, magic and simplicity of Durga Puja in her Ma’s home The fragrance of the Sheoli flowers permeates into my being, announcing the arrival of Durga Puja. It is a festival with broken, fragmented, and...

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post-Vitiligo: It Could Happen To Any Of UsVitiligo: It Could Happen To Any Of Us

Vitiligo is just another disease, it is not infectious, nor is it abnormal. What we consider as an “even” skin tone is simply what we are used to, says MOHUA CHINAPPA It started with a small discolouration on the side...

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