Thursday, January 20, 2022


Manas Das, is a graduate in Law, with a Science & Cost Accounting background from Cuttack, Odisha. He is a well-known poet and writer and writes both in Odiya and in the English language. Hailing from a cultured, humble family and pushed into entrepreneurship, he set up and managed a pharmaceutical manufacturing company for 44 years. He lives with his wife Lipipuspa in Odisha, and is blessed with a son and a daughter.

post-Living In AnandaLiving In Ananda

MANAS DAS narrates a fascinating story that contains the secret of living in Ananda Inhabitants of this beautiful blue planet earth are blessed immensely with varieties of gifts, which help us to sustain our lives here. We get air and...

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post-The Sacredness of RitualsThe Sacredness of Rituals

Rituals are not mechanical and mere formalities, but have their place in life – adding sacredness and righteousness to life and living, says MANAS DAS Life has many wings, spreading its elegance, adorned with many colours and blessed with a...

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post-God Is OneGod Is One

It doesn’t matter whether we call Him Jesus, Allah, Shunya, Vishnu or Siva, Rama or Krishna; He is One ― the same imperishable Supreme Reality who has no beginning or end, within all, both living and non-living, says MANAS DAS...

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